What Are the Pros and Cons of Acrylic Wine Glasses?

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Acrylic wine glasses are lightweight, durable, and inexpensive alternatives to real glass. The glasses can come in a variety of shapes, styles, designs, colors, and so on, making throwing a party even easier at a lower cost. The inexpensive plastic used to make acrylic wine glasses keeps the cost down, but this plastic will have a different feel than glass; some users may not like the feel and weight of the acrylic, and acrylic certainly isn't the most environmentally friendly choice for glassware. If a party planner needs an inexpensive and possibly even disposable option, however, acrylic is a good choice.

The styles and designs of acrylic wine glasses can vary significantly, since acrylic is very easy to mold into different shapes and sizes. The acrylic wine glasses may feature colors, etched designs, distinct shapes, and so on that can add character to the decor of a party. The glasses can even be molded to simply mimic the look of true glass, though the acrylic wine glasses will feel distinctly different than real glass. The acrylic can be washed easily with soap and water, though after time and repeated washings, the acrylic can scratch and fade, diminishing the overall aesthetic of the glasses.


In some cases, the acrylic wine glasses are stackable for easier transport and storage. This is convenient if the glasses will be used on more than one occasion and need to be moved or stored between events. These glasses are also great for larger events during which it is likely that a patron of the party will drop the glass. Acrylic is generally shatter resistant, and if the glass should break anyway, it is inexpensive to replace it. These glasses are often disposable, so if the acrylic breaks, the owner has not lost out on much of an investment.

Acrylic is a type of plastic, which is certainly not the most environmentally friendly choice of glassware, particularly if the owner intends to simply dispose of the acrylic glasses after one or two uses. Glass is more easily recyclable, and it will generally last longer than an acrylic glass if it is taken care of properly. A person looking for glasses that can be reused over and over again may want to consider true glass instead, since it is aesthetically pleasing, and it will not fade or scratch as quickly or as easily as acrylic wine glasses can.


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