What Are the Pros and Cons of a Sulfuric Acid Drain Cleaner?

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A sulfuric acid drain cleaner can be an effective tool for cleaning a clogged drain, but it also can be incredibly dangerous. It is simple to use, readily available in low concentrations and can chemically break down many materials, as well as generating some heat to melt blockages. On the other hand, it also emits fumes, is corrosive, can cause serious harm if it touches the skin and can cause death if used improperly. If a sulfuric acid drain cleaner is used in strict accordance with all recommended safety precautions, then many of the concerns involved in using the chemical can be put to rest, although there might always be some factors that are either unknown or beyond the user's control that could cause a disaster.

One of the main benefits in using a sulfuric acid drain cleaner is that it has the ability to remove nearly any reasonable clog, with the exception of very heavy, solid clogs that are caused by inorganic materials. It also does not require any special training to use, because it is simply poured into a drain and left to work until the clog is gone. A cleaner with a sulfuric acid base also is very convenient and economical, because leftovers can be stored for later use, and it can be applied to any drain that can be reached without requiring space for tools.


There also are a number of disadvantages to using a sulfuric acid drain cleaner. The largest one is that sulfuric acid is a highly toxic, caustic material that will emit harmful fumes the second it is exposed to air. These fumes can cause severe eye irritation and have the potential to burn the tissue inside the nose and lungs if inhaled deeply. The fumes will persist in the room in which the cleaner is used in until it has flushed out of the drain, requiring good ventilation in the meantime.

Another consideration when using a sulfuric acid drain cleaner is that the same chemical effect that causes the cleaner to easily dissolve the matter in a clog also will dissolve nearly anything it comes in contact with over time, including skin and clothing. Once the acid has been poured into a drain, it must be left alone until the acid has worked. If the clog does not clear out, then the acid will be left in the drain and could cause problems for a plumber who arrives later to clear it. It also cannot be used in drains with garbage disposals or other devices that have the potential to splash the acid back outside the drain.

Most importantly, sulfuric acid drain cleaner has a very powerful chemical reaction when it meets water or some other drain-cleaning chemicals. It generates heat that could cause violent explosions or eruptions of toxic fumes, so it can really only be applied to a mostly dry drain. This is one reason why sulfuric acid solutions with higher concentrations of the chemical are regulated and only available to professional plumbers.

Even once a clog has been cleared, sulfuric acid drain cleaner could still cause problems. It has the potential to kill the necessary bacteria in a septic system and it can cause pipes to corrode. Sulfuric acid also can cause environmental problems, depending on the type of sewage system in an area where it is used.


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Post 17

I read all of the posts because I thought about using sulfuric acid to clear my clogged basement drain, but I will research for an effective but less dangerous product. Thanks for the heads up.

Post 16

Is there a way to get the stains out of my stainless steel sink?

Post 11

Follow the label instructions, use proper personal protective equipment,and a little common sense and this product will work for you. I cleared my kitchen sink drain with it, never did smell it. Pour it into the drain hole, not the bottom of the sink. As for the environment, by the time it makes its way to the treatment plant, it will be so diluted that it will not matter. If your sink has water in it, do not use this product. That's asking for it. Never add it to water.

Post 10

How far down the drain does the sulfuric acid work?

Post 9

My nephew recently had a terrible accident. The building maintenance man used Marc 55 Heavy Duty Drain cleaner to unclog a leak. The acid in the Marc 55 exploded, shot through the vents and burned my nephew's son badly. He was rushed to the hospital and suffered respiratory injuries. His son was not in the room but the stuff exploded.

Should the maintenance man have used this in a poorly ventilated apartment to unclog a toilet leak with a baby in the apartment? I am thinking not. My nephew was working and his mother-in-law did not know the drain cleaner was acid based.

Post 8

We used the sulfuric acid to unclog pipe, and now my stainless steel sink has lines that look like the stainless steel is gone. Is that possible, coming from using that acid "unclogger"? Help.

Post 7

Remember "AAA." Always Add Acid. Never add water to acid.

Post 6

I appreciate all the advice on using this stuff! I used mine last night and everything went well; drain is clear and no disasters! Thanks again for all the good posts.

Post 4

Never, never never add water to sulfuric acid! It will explode!

Slowly add sulfuric acid to a much greater amount of water, like pour a very small amount of acid into a clogged water drain. Always wear safety glasses and protective gear.

Post 3

You must use personal protective equipment with this stuff. I typically wear a full face shield, rubber gloves, and cover the drain opening with an upside-down bucket as I'm pouring in the solution, and leave it covered for a period of time while the cleaner is working on the clog. Some people even wear a passive respirator to protect against harmful fumes.

Post 2

This is very dangerous stuff! My mom had an accident from this three days ago. She suffered third degree burns on her face because of the acidic fumes that came shooting up. Her eyes are also affected.

So all people thinking of using chemical drain cleaners, please be very careful! This stuff can be extremely dangerous!

Post 1
For those overly worried about sulfuric acid and what impact it has on the environment and aging pipes, there are plenty of alternatives available. A quick online search and some careful shopping will result in plenty of cleaners that are effective and lack sulfuric acid.

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