What are the Pros and Cons of a Shower Curtain Track?

T. Alaine

Considering the pros and cons of installing a shower curtain track is a good way to decide if the project is appropriate for individual needs and styles. Some positive aspects of using shower curtain tracks might be a neat, streamlined appearance, versatility, and durability. Negative characteristics of a shower curtain track might be additional expense, complicated installation, or difficulty changing the curtain. Ultimately, however, most pros and cons are often subjective, and may be viewed differently depending on personal preferences.

Shower curtain tracks are versatile and can be adjusted to fit various bathroom configurations.
Shower curtain tracks are versatile and can be adjusted to fit various bathroom configurations.

Aesthetically, shower curtain tracks create a neat, streamlined look in bathrooms. Suspension rod shower curtains that are wedged between the two ends of the shower can be uneven, which can look sloppy, or become dislodged and cause the shower curtain to fall down. A properly installed shower curtain track will be straight and hold the curtain neatly in place. This is certainly an advantage for households with children who might tug on a curtain and dislodge a suspension rod, or simply for those who prefer low-maintenance fixtures. People who prefer a rustic or vintage aesthetic, however, might still prefer a traditional suspension rod.

Another pro for using shower curtain tracks is that they are versatile, and can be modified to suit a wide variety of shower shapes. Non-standard shower sizes and shapes can all be fitted with a shower curtain track to make sure the curtain is able to adequately keep water inside the shower. For example, using a straight suspension rod to hang a curtain around a freestanding oval tub might be difficult or even impossible depending on the floor plan of the bathroom. Mounting a shower curtain track on the ceiling eliminates the need for adjacent walls to hold up a suspension rod, and also allows for a custom shape to be created, ensuring maximum privacy and water retention.

One problem associated with using a shower curtain track is the added expense of parts and installation. Purchasing a shower track system is generally more expensive than a simple suspension rod, and if professional installation is required the price increases further. Even if professional installation services are not required, figuring out how to set up a shower curtain track can be a hassle for first-timers or people who are not especially skilled in handy work.

Some people might also consider it difficult or inconvenient to change the curtain on a shower curtain track. Shower curtain tracks sometimes require special clips or curtains, which not only limit the available choices, but can make changing the curtain more time consuming. The special clips, which roll inside the shower curtain track, may also break or become jammed on the track, either due to normal wear and tear or complications from changing the curtain. Jammed clips can prevent the curtain from opening and closing properly.

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