What Are the Pros and Cons of a Short Bob Haircut?

Patti Kate

One of the advantages to having a short bob haircut is easy maintenance. According to hair designers, a short bob is a style that is always in fashion. Wearing this haircut, however, may limit one's styling options. Some individuals with naturally curly hair may find that wearing a bob hairstyle tends to make their hair unruly.

It it commonly thought that a short bob is a hair style that is always in fashion.
It it commonly thought that a short bob is a hair style that is always in fashion.

For those who live a very active lifestyle or participate in sports, a short bob haircut may be an ideal choice. Swimmers prefer the convenience of tucking their short hair under a swimming cap. This hairstyle requires no fuss and extensive styling, and is a good choice for those who work in occupations that require hair restraints.

A bob may give the illusion of volume to fine hair.
A bob may give the illusion of volume to fine hair.

Those working in the food industry may be required to wear hair nets or other hair restraints. These individuals may find that wearing their hair in a short bob cut makes it easy to restrain their hair under a cap or hair net. With the short bob style, there are no long strands of hair likely to come loose under a hair net or cap.

Short bob haircuts are a good choice for those who live in warm climates. This style is cool and comfortable, as it is cut shorter in back and there is less hair on the neck. For this reason, a bob hair style is an ideal spring and summer style.

Those with very fine or thin hair often choose a short bob hairstyle. This style can easily be layered to give the appearance of more dimension and volume. Because it is a short style and cut, the bob doesn't tend to look weighed down as some longer hairstyles do.

There are drawbacks, however, to choosing a short bob haircut. The bob hairstyle tends to be quite short in back, making it very difficult or awkward to tie back with ribbons or hair clips. Longer hairstyles can easily be embellished with many types of hair accessories, which many girls and women enjoy.

Some hairstylists believe that short bobs are not very flattering to those with an oblong-shaped face. These styles tend to elongate the neck and face or accentuate the chin. Those with oval, round, or heart-shaped faces tend to look best with a short bob, however.

Another disadvantage to choosing a short bob hairstyle is the length of time it typically takes to grow out. Due to the angled cut, growing hair long again is usually time consuming. Once the bob cut begins to grow out, the back of the hair will be shorter than the sides, which means a trim may be necessary during the process of growing out.

Finding a complimentary hairstyle is a matter of personal preference. A short bob haircut can work nicely for many individuals. This style may not be right for everyone, however. Weighing the pros and cons with the assistance from a professional hair stylist can help the decision making easier.

A disadvantage to the bob is how long it takes to grow out.
A disadvantage to the bob is how long it takes to grow out.

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@GreenWeaver - I know what you mean, but have you tried a straightening treatment? I know that my salon offers a straightening treatment for $700 and it lasts at least 6 months.

I have seen people that had this done and their hair is so straight that you would never believe that they ever had curly hair. If I didn’t already have straight hair, I know I would try it because the hair comes out so smooth that it is incredible.

You should look into it.


I think that a short angled bob haircut looks great on most women, but I have to say that unless I use a hot iron I could never have my hair look the way it does in those short bob haircut pictures that I see in magazines.

It is just not flattering on me unless I am willing to spend an hour blow drying my hair and about fifteen minutes with a hot iron every day.

This is not only exhausting but it can’t be good for my hair because applying that much heat must dry it out. I think that for me, longer hair works best, but I wish I wear a nice bob haircut because it is classic look that makes you appear more polished and professional.

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