What Are the Pros and Cons of a Real Fur Coat?

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The most obvious benefit of a real fur coat is that it can keep an individual warm when it is cold. These garments also tend to make positive statements about wearers, the exception being that wearing a such a coat can enrage animal rights supporters. When considering a genuine fur coat, a person must also decide whether supporting an industry that employs large numbers of people outweighs the reality that large numbers of animals are being killed to keep the industry alive.

A basic benefit of a real fur coat is that it accomplishes the task of keeping a person warm during cold weather. If a person is planning to invest in a coat anyway and she likes fur, she can generally expect that purchasing a fur coat will not be a disappointment with regard to warmth. Some types of fur will do the job better the others, but a good, heavy lining can compensate for the difference.

In many societies, a genuine fur coat can also make several types of positive statements. It can certify a person's fashion sense, as fur tends to be trendy even when fads change. Furthermore, fur coats are often associated with glamor and wealth. A fur coat can serve to help a person to portray herself or her lifestyle in a very attractive manner, which can be important for people whose image plays a major role in their lives.


Fur coats can also be worth the money paid for them. Some of these garments can last for decades or even a century. This means that they can be passed from one generation to another, and in some families there is a history of doing this. A drawback is that there can be a substantial initial cost, and the expense of caring for these garments can also be notable.

A definite con of wearing a real fur coat is the likelihood of being confronted by an animal rights supporter. These individuals can be very persistent, confrontational, and in some cases aggressive. There have been many instances when animal rights supporters have gone to the extreme of damaging individuals' garments or assaulting fur owners. The more prominent a person is and the more prestigious the occasions on which she will wear the coat, the greater the chances of her encountering such a situation.

Despite the significant opposition, the fur industry is a real one, and it employs real people. When a person purchases a real fur coat, she helps to support an industry that is just as dependent on consumer activity as any other. In many cases, that support extends to workers in places where there are limited employment opportunities.

A drawback of purchasing a new real fur coat is that animals have to be sacrificed to make it. The debate over the welfare of human employees versus wild animals is one that individuals must contemplate personally. It is important to note, however, that in some cases dozens of animals are needed to make a single coat.


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Post 5

While it's not the best, it's a way of life that's not going away ever, and I don't think we should spend so much time complaining and whining, its useless

Well, now PETA's after me.

Post 4

It is cruel to do kill animal just for their fur and what do you think or feel like if animals are wearing human skin for a change?

Post 3

No more animal killing.

Post 2

While I agree that killing wild animals for coats is definitely wrong. I take offense with people dictating what is right and wrong for others. The rich and famous, and they know who they are; have been sporting animal skin for as long as we can remember. They for the most part have been instrumental for the depletion of many species that are now endangered. Now, it's wrong, and they are among the loudest protesters against wearing fur.

Also consider where that leather bag came from. People every second of the day swallow large amounts of meat: chicken, beef, pork, lamb, etc. They have no problem with it. Seems a bit hypocritical to me.

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