What Are the Pros and Cons of a Horn Comb?

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One advantage, or pro, of a horn comb is that, as a natural material, it tends to glide through the hair much easier and without the static that plastic varieties often produce. A disadvantage, or con, of horn combs is that they are more expensive than plastic ones. Another con of combs made from natural cow, buffalo or other animal horn is that if dropped on a hard surface such as a floor, they may break. Yet, many horn combs last a long time and look much more appealing as well as function much better in a healthy hair care routine than plastic combs.

Whereas the teeth on many plastic combs are quite sharp and can scratch the scalp, a horn comb typically has a smoother, blunter tooth design that gently stimulates it instead. Many hair care experts advise clients to massage the scalp and to always use good quality, natural combs that are gentle. Horn combs can often be used to gently detangle hair, whereas strands may become pulled or stressed to the breaking point when a plastic comb is used. A horn comb usually works much better in very long or densely curly hair than plastic combs.

The look of a natural horn comb is considered a pro by many people. While plastic combs tend to look cheap and ordinary, horn versions are often more elegantly shaped with decorative carving on the top section above the teeth. There are also many different tones of natural animal horn used to make the combs, giving them a stylish look when placed on a bathroom counter or bedroom dresser. A con in some horn combs is that the colors in the natural material may not be consistent in pattern or tone. Another con is that wooden combs are also made from natural materials and are considered good for the hair, yet don't have the risk of breaking when dropped on the floor as a horn comb may do.

Being able to give a natural horn comb with attractive carving detail as a gift can be a pro of this type of grooming tool. While wooden combs could also make good gift ideas, they are typically much plainer in design so are not as fancy looking as many horn designs. A con of horn combs is that since they may be made from the antlers or horns of slaughtered animals, these are gifts that aren't appealing to all people such as vegetarians and vegans.

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