What are the Pros and Cons of a Gray Living Room?

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A gray-colored living room isn't for everyone. Some people may see a gray living room as sophisticated, while others could view it as dull. Pros, or advantages, of a gray living space are that it coordinates well with any accent colors and being a neutral color, it never really becomes dated. A con, or disadvantage, of a gray living room is that it can be plain, whereas a black and white space is full of contrast. Gray painted walls with furnishings in the same tone may make some people think of fog, rain or uncertainty when viewing the color.

Just like any color or neutral, gray can be warm, cool or mid-value. Most people can find a shade they like, so this can be a plus when they're considering a gray living room. According to color theory, warm colors feature orange undertones, while cool ones have blue bases. Colors considered mid-value contain equal portions of orange and blue in them.


A warm gray tends to be relatively light and have a sort of misty appearance. A cool gray is often dark with a rich look to it. Mid-value grays may appear to have all of the properties of both cool and warm versions. A plus of choosing a mid-value gray living room can be that it may feel more balanced rather than too foggy or cold. Another advantage of gray is that whether the color is on walls or upholstery, it can serve as a versatile backdrop for artwork or pillows, as it will coordinate with any other colors.

While a con of having a lot of gray in a living room can be that some people might find it depressing, a pro may be that others will consider it calming. If a living room is brightly lit, gray can provide a nice contrast, but if it's already dim, gray could just make the lack of light even more apparent. Since gray is the color of concrete, a disadvantage of this shade on walls or floors is that they can look like inexpensive cement. Yet if rich, sophisticated shades are picked for a gray living room, the look can be one of high-end elegance. For example, when mixed with elegant cream accessories such as a plush off-white area rug and vases of white roses, a gray living space tends to appear upscale.


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Furniture with metal accents looks great in gray living rooms. The metals fit in perfectly with soft, gray hues on the walls and in the carpet.

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A light gray living room is actually very relaxing and pretty when accented with pastel colored fabrics of furniture and cutains and modern lighting fixtures. My best friend's living room is decorated this way, and when I heard she was painting it gray I thought it would be unattractive. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it for the first time.

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