What are the Personality Traits Associated with the Chinese Zodiac Sign Sheep?

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The zodiac sign of the sheep is often considered to be the most feminine sign of the Chinese zodiac, with many of those born under this sign being extremely creative, sensitive individuals. The sign is also called the goat or the ram, which is rather unfortunate for a feminine sign, as a ram is of course male. It should not surprise you to learn that this is a yin element, with a number of feminine traits, and the fixed element of the sheep is fire. The fire makes those born under this sign enterprising, single minded, restless, dynamic, and adventurous. They tend to do best in creative professions.

The Chinese zodiac is an extremely complicated arrangement of 12 zodiac animals and five fluctuating elements which appear in yin and yang aspects. As a result, just saying that someone is a “sheep” isn't quite enough, as the year in which someone is born is very important. The Chinese also emphasize the importance of place of birth and time of birth when looking at someone's zodiac-associated personality traits.

This zodiac sign is overwhelmingly dominated by creativity. Sheep are very fond of beautiful things, and they love making and looking at them. Many are also naturally beautiful people, with warm, generous, open personalities. They are also extremely sympathetic and sensitive, and tend to be modest, underplaying their accomplishments. However, they also seek affirmation, and many desperately want to be liked.


Sheep are extremely insecure and shy, and their attention-seeking can sometimes be suffocating. They often misinterpret people and situations, which can lead to conflict, and because they shrink from conflict, this can be problematic. However, when a sheep perceives him or herself as the base of a conflict, he or she will step forward and try to make good out of the situation. These people are also natural wanderers and adventurers, although they also have a strong appreciation for life's comforts.

The best career for a person born under this sign is one which allows him or her to exercise creativity. They do well as artists, designers, and performers. They can sometimes turn into prima donnas who are difficult to handle, but they can also produce amazing, complex, and stunning work in a variety of artistic disciplines. Behind their sensitivity and insecurity, sheep have a strong competitive drive to do well.

They get on well with rabbits, pigs, and horses. They also tend to get along with other sheep, tigers, monkeys, and dogs. However, their personalities tend to conflict with rats, snakes, dragons, roosters, and oxes.


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People born under this sign are said to be creative but also practical. So they like to find and create beauty in their daily lives.

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