What are the Personality Traits Associated with the Chinese Zodiac Sign Ox?

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People who are born in the Year of the Ox tend to be patient, dependable, and very methodical, with fixed ways. The ox is a yin sign, possessing a number of feminine traits, and its fixed element is water. Water can make oxes very intelligent, intuitive, and sensitive, but it can also make them unforgiving, secretive, and sometimes almost self destructive. People with this astrological sign tend to be very modest, choosing careers which allow them to indulge their methodical, patient ways. They exemplify the idea that “slow and steady wins the race.”

For people who are unfamiliar with it, the Chinese zodiac can be extremely complex. The Chinese zodiac actually runs through a cycle, with each year being assigned a specific sign and an element in either its yin and yang aspect. Therefore, the year in which someone is born is very important, as each sign has a fluctuating element which can play a major role in someone's personality. When a horoscope is constructed according to the terms of the Chinese zodiac, a number of things are taken into account, including place and time of birth.


If you've ever seen a cow in the field, you can see why oxes tend to be patient and methodical. Much like their animal counterparts, oxes often appear to be standing still and standing vacantly into space, but they are actually ruminating deeply, thinking about the best course of action in a given situation. Many oxes unfortunately lack a flair for the creative, but they make up for it with sensitivity, intelligence, and a stubbornness which allows them to complete a task when more flighty signs would give up.

People with the ox zodiac sign tend to be good leaders, and they are very truthful, plain dealing people. They also tend to have conservative values, being unwilling to embark on a risk, whether it's a radically new idea or a questionable investment. When an ox is relaxed, he or she can be very friendly, sociable, and eloquent, but people with this zodiac sign can also be secretive and fretful, concerned about what might lie around the corner.

The methodical style of the ox can make for a great gardener, soldier, composer, or judge. In careers where people need to be patient and exacting, oxes tend to excel, doing well as bankers, architects, and even spies. However, people with this zodiac sign need peace, quiet, and calm to work well, which can cause conflicts in the workplace.

The sometimes secretive and always patient ox tends to form strong bonds with rats, snakes, and roosters. People with this sign also get along reasonably well with other oxes, along with pigs and dragons. However, someone with the ox zodiac sign will clash with tigers, horses, monkeys, rabbits, sheep, and dogs.


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