What are the Personality Traits Associated with the Chinese Zodiac Sign Dragon?

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According to Chinese tradition, someone who is born in the Year of the Dragon will be blessed with luck, charisma, and power. It may come as no surprise to learn that the virile dragon is a yang symbol, linked with a variety of traditionally masculine traits, and the fixed element of this astrological sign is wood. Wood gives dragons traits like idealism, a tendency to cooperate, enthusiasm, warmth, generosity, and persuasiveness. Dragons tend to succeed in outspoken, flamboyant careers which utilize their larger than life personalities.

When you examine the personality traits associated with various signs in the Chinese zodiac, it is important to remember that the Chinese zodiac is quite complicated. Each year is assigned a fluctuating element in either a yin or yang aspect in addition to a zodiac animal and its fixed element. This is considered when drawing up horoscopes, along with issues like the dragon's time and place of birth.

Dragons tend to have very intense, powerful personalities which are hard to resist, thanks to their natural charisma and eagerness. They tend to be very outspoken and highly ambitious, sometimes to the point of being a bit egotistical, but this is tempered with a truly generous nature. Dragons are so self confident that they sometimes forget that other people have flaws, and this can combine with their natural idealism to generate disappointment when someone fails to perform as expected.

As you might imagine, a dragon tends to be quick tempered and sometimes obstinate. However, dragons are also always ready to help out, and they often step forward to solve problems. They are also extremely innovative and quick thinking, with a desire to pursue greatness while also keeping things harmonious and balanced. These traits can often combine to make dragons very wealthy and powerful.

Dragons are natural leaders, and they are great choices for politicians, high ranking officials, and the heads of organizations. Their innovation can also serve them well when working on ambitious scientific projects, and their vibrant personalities make them into great artists, especially in the field of music. Dragons also make excellent and extremely talented athletes, rarely coming in second.

Dragons interface well with rats, monkeys, horses, snakes, and roosters. They also get along well with other dragons, along with pigs, oxes, and tigers. They do not, however, get along with sheep, rabbits, and dogs. When interacting with a dragon, it helps to remember that although people with this zodiac sign like to help out and work cooperatively, they prefer to dominate.

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Post 3

@turkay1-- I don't know the answer to that, but I'm sure there is a good explanation. And all the signs in the Chinese zodiac are distinct from one another. Each sign itself is broken into various additional subgroups and carries even different personality traits.

For example, I was born February 13, 1964 which makes me a "wood dragon." Wood dragon is said to be the most generous out of all the dragons. They are also said to be very imaginative and creative and many artists are wood dragons.

There are more subgroups like "fire dragon" and "water dragon." So in addition to knowing that you're a dragon, you should find out your subgroup and check out the personality traits of it.

Post 2

Something I've noticed about the Chinese zodiac is that all of the animals associated with it are real creatures, except for the dragon. How come?

Why would they choose real animals to represent all the other zodiacs and then decide on a mythical creature for this one?

Does this mean that the dragon is different from all the others personality wise? It's kind of odd, isn't it?

Post 1

Wow, great traits!

I'm a dragon in the Chinese zodiac and I'm very happy with the traits mentioned here! I think it definitely describes me-- charisma, confidence, ambition and kindness.

I'm studying political science too, so hopefully I'll be an important and powerful politician in the future! I've heard that dragon was also the sign of the Chinese emperor, is that true?

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