What are the Personality Characteristics Associated with the Astrological Sign Scorpio?

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In astrology, Scorpio refers to those born 24 October through 22 November, and is the eighth sign of the Zodiac. A Fixed Water sign, people born under this sign are said to be stable in character, but also very sensitive and emotional. Evolved Scorpios understand that possessiveness and jealousy are not only negative to others, but to themselves as well.

Scorpios have the power to turn rejection and hurt into a positive redirection or regeneration of themselves and their spirit. Along with Capricorn, it is emotionally the strongest sign of the Zodiac.

Like Aries, Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the planet associated with activity and power. These people are dynamic, powerful, and passionate. They may have secret obsessions. Pluto also rules Scorpio, and is associated with rebirth and reinvention as well as destruction and unrest.

The Scorpion is the symbol for this sign. Like the Scorpion, the personality can sting when hurt or angered. Otherwise, however, these people can be quite compassionate as well as passionate.

The typical Scorpio often makes a thoughtful, active partner and a loyal, protective friend. He or she can be the toughest enemy, as these people are often one step ahead of the game with their powers of perception, steely intuition, and suspicious nature. Yet, outwardly they can look as if they don't suspect a thing. If Scorpios want something, they usually get it as they are focused, ambitious and rarely give up. They are the supreme chess players of the Zodiac.


Classic Scorpios are suited to careers in management, medicine, advertising, and the creative arts. They also make good funeral directors and scientists. The Scorpio may rarely use sick days at work and can be hard working to the point of being a workaholic. They are usually intense and confident in their abilities.

Colors often associated with Scorpio are dark red, violet, and black. The metals for this sign are iron and steel. Scorpio rules the genitals, bladder, and colon. Keywords for the personality are power, passion, intensity, and desire.

Pisces and Cancer, as the other Water signs, have an unspoken, emotional connection with Scorpio and are the most compatible signs. Capricorn, Virgo, and Libra are other fairly compatible signs. Aries and Gemini have neutral compatibility with Scorpio, while Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo may not be compatible in the long run. The worst possible match for a Scorpio is another Scorpio as their powers may clash. Famous natives include Pablo Picasso, Nelly, Roseanne, Bill Gates, and Indira Gandhi.


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I try to avoid lending too much significance to constellations and astrology, although they are interesting global trends in ancient beliefs all over the world. Funny to think that, although the distant stars project their light upon us, we also project our mental images onto them.

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The Scorpius constellation could also have connotations of a virus, with a stinging poisonous tail and multiple tendrils on its front end. A Scorpio will often be a charismatic and infectious person, popular and driven.

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The sign of a scorpion seems appropriate to be ruling the genitals. Like a strong and contagiously ambitious person, the scorpio stings others with its ambitions, driving the horse with its strong spurs, or tail. Over time, living with such a doggedly driven person may be difficult, but is quite rewarding, because he or she will make a successful way for himself, and drag you along with him.

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It is said that Scorpios are strong and healthy. They have a lot of energy and tend to push themselves toward accomplishments, sometimes to their own detriment, by ignoring their limitations.

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