What are the Personality Characteristics Associated with the Astrological Sign Libra?

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In astrology, Libra refers to those born 24 September through 23 October, and is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. A Cardinal Air sign, it is a dynamic and principled communicator. Libra sometimes tries to avoid both confrontation and having to make a decision.

The classic Libra is a master of diplomacy and tact. They understand people and make good mediators, matchmakers, and politicians. Many are good artists and musicians. Libras also make good supervisors and managers because they know how to share the success with others. These people tend to bring out the best in others by nurturing development in others while communicating their own interests as well.

Libra indecision is legendary. Even something as simple as choosing a seat may perplex the person to no end. Libras must think of all the consequences of a decision. For example, they wonder if they sit beside so-and-so rather than such-and-such would such-and-such have hurt feelings because of it? Other times the person may be angry, but may not be ready or know how to express their anger without becoming confrontational, so they are again left with indecision about what to do.

Like Taurus, this sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and attraction. Many Libras are beautiful and attractive with an easygoing charm. Older ones often have a sense of informal elegance about them.


The symbol for Libra is the Scales. The intellectual Libra both understands and cares deeply about world issues involving social justice and equality. It is the most unpredjudiced sign in the Zodiac and can see all the points of view on any particular topic. Libra, along with Leo, is also the most likely of all the signs to see positive qualities in others.

Pale greens and blues are some colors associated with this sign. The metal is copper. Libra rules the kidneys. Keywords for people with this personality are humanity, equality, justice, and balance.

Libra is the most compatible with the other Air signs, Gemini and Aquarius. Air signs experience 'a meeting of the minds' as they see many possibilities and options when it comes to thinking something through. Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo, and Virgo also tend to make compatible partners for the Libra. Pisces and Taurus have neutral compatibility, but Cancers may be too emotional and Capricorns too non-philosophical. Famous Libra natives include Heather Locklear, Shaggy, Jimmy Carter, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Sting.


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Post 5

It is interesting that the Psalms speak of God "weighing out" all the elements of the earth. The concept of wisdom in the Old Testament was intricately connected to scales and measures. Libra is renowned for being a sign of fairness and wise consideration of each perspective.

Post 4

Imagery of scales is shown in much of ancient mythology. The scales were indicative of fairness and justice, and unbalanced scales were a cause for much indignation. Merchants who used balanced scales were revered as just and trustworthy, while swindlers who carried around false measures were found out and killed.

Post 3

Libras don't rush into things. This is a good thing, because they consider carefully before making a decision. Indecisiveness can be good when it involves thoughtfulness and consideration. When it goes on for too long, however, it is frustrating.

Post 2

Libras seem to be good planners and schemers. They want to avoid confrontation and decisions, so they carefully plot out a safe trajectory. I think this would butt heads with my approach to life, which is more like an Aries: even if there is great risk involved, I want to face things head-on. There are ups and downs to both approaches, and this is why different people complement each other well.

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