What are the Parts of a Skateboard?

J. Beam

There are several parts of a skateboard besides just the board and the wheels. The primary parts are the deck, the trucks, the wheels and bearings, the hardware and the grip tape.

A skateboard has many parts, including the wheels, deck and bearings.
A skateboard has many parts, including the wheels, deck and bearings.

The deck is the board itself. Made of multi-ply wood, often maple but occasionally other wood compressed together, the deck is the part of the skateboard you stand on. The average width is between 7.5 and 8 inches (19.05 to 20.32 cm) and the average length is about 32 inches (81.28 cm), but both can vary. The size and shape of the deck is pertinent only to the personal preference of the skater and is usually based on what type of skating – street or vertical (vert) – he or she prefers.

Trucks are the parts of a skateboard that attach underneath the deck.
Trucks are the parts of a skateboard that attach underneath the deck.

Trucks are the parts of a skateboard that attach underneath and directly to the deck. The trucks are comprised of smaller parts, including axles, bushings and kingpins. They are generally made of aluminum alloy or titanium and come in a variety of colors. There are different qualities, though again, the chosen set of trucks is a matter of personal preference. The trucks are held to the board with nuts and bolts hardware.

The wheels of a skateboard are plastic urethane and vary in hardness. Softer wheels are preferred for skating vert, while harder wheels are preferred for street skating. Wheels come in various sizes to achieve different performance levels. Smaller wheels offer less resistance when maneuvering tricks, while larger wheels provide more stability. The bearings pop inside the center of the wheel and are measured by the ABEC scale (Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee), which measures the tolerance range and accuracy of the bearings.

Grip tape is the rough, self adhesive covering that is applied to the top of the deck. Its purpose is to provide traction when riding. Grip tape comes in different colors and graphics. There are other accessories that can be purchased to incorporate with the main parts of a skateboard, such as risers, which change the height of the board from the ground. Accessories aren’t essential to a board’s construction in any way, but can provide a way to personalize the performance and appearance of a board.

When purchasing a skateboard, you can buy one complete, which includes choosing all the parts of the skateboard, or you can purchase only the parts you need. Two of the most frequently purchased individual parts of a skateboard are the decks and kingpins, both of which can break easily depending on use and quality.

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Where can I buy blank skateboard decks? I have a stencil that I just made that I want to spray on to a board but I don't want my image to have to compete with any other ones. I just want a straight up white deck that I can use like a canvas. Can I buy them online maybe?


A lot of skaters don't replace their wheels as often as they should. But anyone who has bought a new pair knows how much smoother your ride gets and how much easier it is to stick a landing when you have a nice new set of wheels.

Wheels will last a long time, especially these days, but they will not last forever. I know some guys who have been swapping out the same set of wheels between boards for what seems like years now. Time to upgrade guys.


There are more parts to a skateboard than most people realize. But the most interesting part and the one that is most important to most skaters is the deck. This is the piece of wood that the skater actually rides on top of.

Obviously this is an important part of the board but it is also the only part that you really have a chance to customize. You can switch up the color of your grip tape on the top and on the bottom there is almost always a printed design or a brand name that allows the skater to express a little part of their style. In the same way that the design of t-shirt you wear says something about you, the type of deck you ride says something too.

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