What Are the Objectives of Human Resource Management?

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Human resource management (HRM) is a type of business management with organizational goals. Although HRM goals will vary depending on what each business needs, there are a few universal objectives that are utilized, including meeting the needs, values, and dignity of employees within a company. At the same time, HRM must have objectives that relate to the community and country on a socio-economic level, such as lowering unemployment rates. The goals created and managed by human resources departments must be set up and adjusted as needed to be beneficial all the way around.

For employees, the objectives of human resource management can include creating a workforce that is able to complete assigned tasks with the proper amount of expertise. Objectives also include ensuring that relationships between employees and leaders at all levels remain suitable. HRM should also be able to provide adequate facilities to work and various opportunities for employees that help the company grow. It is vital to ensure that wages, benefits, and incentives are offered to properly motivate employees.

Employees are typically the main focus of these objectives since, without including the employees in a comprehensive plan, a business cannot expect to gain success on any level. Leaders and employees alike must be given standards and goals to accomplish as a unified force.


Community objectives will change not only as a business grows, but also as the community changes. The specific needs of a community, like employment issues, can be influenced by a company that uses the right HRM objectives. When a business operates with not just its employees in mind but also the community, the human resources objectives change to accommodate specific requirements.

On a countrywide level, the objectives of human resource management can be phenomenal. Due to objectives set for employee and community needs, HRM can contribute to the overall objectives of a country. If, for example, a country has a gap caused by high unemployment, increasing sections of disadvantaged citizens can be influenced by the successful management of a company and its employees. By implementing proper training and creating employment opportunities, a country and community can benefit.

Ultimately, these objectives involve creating a workplace that benefits the employees and leaders of a company. HRM involves dealing with hiring, benefits, and payroll by helping a business meet its general goals, and a favorable environment is created.


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@nextcorrea - Do you have experience in this area? Do you have any advice about how to maintain this consistency? I am just getting into the human resources field and I got a job at a pretty big financial institution. I am learning a lot from within the company, but I am trying to solicit outside advice as well to keep the perspective fresh and broad.

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One3 of the greatest challenges for human resources managers in large corporate structures is implementing policies and procedures that will apply to, and be effective in, every area of the company.

Companies that operate multiple offices across large geographical areas, often with wildly different tasks, have to make a real effort to keep their human resources operations consistent across the organization.

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