What are the Nutritional Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder?

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Experts say that wheatgrass powder has numerous nutritional benefits, including the potential to cleanse the body of toxins and supply oxygen to a person's bloodstream. Wheatgrass powder also contains several important vitamins in such high concentrations that some say it is more nutritious than green vegetables. According to some people, the powder is also supposed to have cancer-fighting properties, although this has not been extensively tested.

Wheatgrass powder is basically the concentrated essence of the wheatgrass plant. People generally mix it into some kind of fluid and drink it. Sometimes it will be mixed with water, and at other times, it may be mixed with something to make it taste better, like soda, for example.

Many people consume wheatgrass supplements as part of a cleansing program. Wheatgrass has a significant amount of chlorophyll, and this substance is supposed to help the body detoxify itself. When people do a body-cleansing program, they basically go on a kind of fast, and they can include supplements like wheatgrass powder to help the process.

Chlorophyll can also be helpful in any kind of physical activity because it has a very similar chemical makeup to the hemoglobin in a person's blood. This is part of the reason that it helps carry oxygen to the bloodstream, which can potentially improve a person's endurance. For this reason, wheatgrass can sometimes be a popular dietary supplement among athletes.


Some people take wheatgrass powder every day as a normal part of their diet. Others only use it on special occasions when they are doing a body cleanse or preparing for some kind of physical exertion. Certain individuals may also take wheatgrass supplements as a way to stay healthy because many experts claim that it can improve a person's immune system.

There is some evidence that wheatgrass might be anti-carcinogenic, so some people use it for cancer-fighting purposes. There are hormones in wheatgrass that have shown cancer-fighting ability in isolated laboratory environments, but there hasn't been that much testing of this attribute in real-world situations. Some people think it can potentially help cure cancer, while others only use it as a way to prevent cancer.

Another possible benefit of wheatgrass powder is removing acidity from the system. Some experts think an acidic body environment is responsible for a lot of illnesses and general poor health. There is evidence to suggest that wheatgrass can be beneficial in creating a more alkaline environment in the body.


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Post 3

@alisha-- I have heard that wheatgrass can be beneficial in maintaining a healthy bloodstream. But I don't think that there have been any studies done on this. If you see benefit in it, that's fine. But I don't think we can say that wheatgrass is a remedy or cure for anemia by any means.

I don't know why but when people say that something is good for everything, it makes it harder to believe for me. And wheatgrass seams to be one of those. It's claimed to be beneficial for so many things, all the way from fertility to diabetes.

I will only believe what scientific researchers have proven. Wheatgrass has nutritional value, it has chlorophyll, various vitamins, minerals and detoxification capabilities. So wheatgrass powder must benefit health, but I don't think it's a cure-all treatment.

Post 2

I have anemia (low red blood cells) and I took up a detox program lately which included a daily intake of wheatgrass juice or powder. I had my regular checkup with my doctor two days ago and my test show an improvement in my anemia.

I'm not sure if this is a coincidence but it does seem like wheatgrass has helped me make more red blood cells.

Has anyone else heard of this or experienced something similar?

Post 1

I used to grow wheatgrass in a pot at home. I just planted wheat grain in soil and it grew really easily, I didn't have to do anything. I wanted to make juice out if it and consume it that way. But I realized that this is hard because I got very little juice from my pot of wheatgrass. There was barely anything there! I guess it takes a lot of wheatgrass to get some product out of it.

So then, I started buying wheatgrass powder from organic stores instead. It's just dried wheatgrass that's been ground to a powder form. I like this a lot better because I can measure it and add it to whatever I'm drinking

that day. It definitely beats the taste of wheatgrass juice.

Wheatgrass is like my daily multivitamin because it is so nutritious. I get my calcium, magnesium and iron from it. It even has protein and amino acids! I think it's great, I love it.

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