What are the Nutritional Benefits of Oil of Oregano?

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Oil of oregano is derived from the plant Oregano Vulgares, and is believed to be antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral. Thus, many people use it as a dietary supplement when other types of medicine do not do the job. This product can be applied to skin to eliminate infections and rashes, and may also be taken to get rid of digestive issues. Congestion, colds, and sore throats are also said to be cured by oil of oregano in many cases, and even those with no current health issues may benefit from ingesting it daily. This essential oil can be taken in pill form, or as a liquid mixed into a drink.

Many people have used oil of oregano to treat ailments of the skin, such as rashes, infections, and itchiness. Athlete's foot and eczema are two issues that can often be healed with this oil. It is usually applied topically in such cases, and sometimes needs to be mixed with either coconut oil or olive oil first, depending on how concentrated it is. It works by killing organisms that cause skin infections and irritation through either a virus or bacteria.


Those with stubborn digestive problems can take oil of oregano in order to calm the stomach. It works by increasing bile excretion, helping digestion along. This usually results in less gas, bloating, indigestion, cramps, nausea, and diarrhea. The best way to ingest oil of oregano when attempting to eliminate digestive problems is to mix about three drops with a glass of juice or milk.

One of the most important uses of oil of oregano is aiding in relieving congestion, as it is considered an expectorant. This means that is helps to loosen mucus and phlegm, and it can also relieve coughing, making it a powerful way to combat cold and flu symptoms. Additionally, related illnesses, such as sinusitis and bronchitis, can also typically be cured by this essential oil.

It is not necessary to be ill before taking oil of oregano for its nutritional benefits. Since it contains many antioxidants, it is considered by some to be more effective than many fruits and vegetables at fighting free radicals, which makes adding a bit of oil of oregano to food everyday a good idea. Overall, it can improve the immune system, improve muscle and joint flexibility, and aid the respiratory system. The only people advised to avoid this herb are pregnant women and anyone allergic to oregano, thyme, sage, mint, or basil.


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