What are the Most Helpful Heel Spur Remedies?

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There are many ways to treat the pain and discomfort of heel spurs, however, some of the most helpful heel spur remedies include resting the affected foot as much as possible and wearing shoes that fit properly and are cushioned well. Shoe inserts may relieve some of the pressure associated with heel spur pain. Anti-inflammatory medications may help as well.

The proper diagnosis of a heel spur is typically made through an X-ray of the heel of the foot. The imaging produced will show calcification or fragments of calcified and hardened bone, most likely causing pain and discomfort. In many cases, this is caused by prolonged standing on the feet or shoes with inadequate cushioning and support. A doctor of podiatry may recommend heel spur remedies, many of which can be done at home.

Resting the affected foot is one of the first heel spur remedies that should be tried. This means refraining from standing for long periods and keeping walking to a minimum. Although it is not always the most practical solution, the most helpful heel spur remedies may include taking a few days off work to give the foot a chance to recover and heal. As much as possible, elevating the affected foot at heart level may relieve throbbing aches and pain.


There are certain foot exercises and stretches that can alleviate heel spur pain. Some of these can be done with simple exercise resistance bands. It's always good to seek the advice of a medical professional before attempting these exercises at home. Improper technique may result in further irritation or pain. A physical therapist can also recommend stretches that may help.

Incorporating nutritional supplements into the diet, such as calcium or magnesium may also be other types of helpful heel spur remedies. Vitamin B-12 may be another supplement to help with heel and bone spur pain. Before taking a specialized herbal or vitamin supplement, it's best to ask a doctor which supplements might be beneficial.

Some individuals find relief from ice packs. Ice should never be applied directly to the surface of the skin, however, as this could cause damage. The ice should be secured in a washcloth or other material to prevent direct contact. Applying for 15 or 20 minutes, no more than three or four times daily, is the typical procedure.

Soaking the affected foot in warm Epsom salt or borax solution may be soothing. This is another of the home remedies for heel spurs that is gentle and safe and relatively inexpensive. In addition, some individuals find relief by gently massaging mustard or linseed oil onto the affected heel. Apple cider vinegar may also be applied using a warm cloth loosely wrapped around the foot.

Another of the all-natural heel spur remedies would be to consume more foods with anti-inflammatory properties. This helps because heel spurs often cause inflammation and swelling. Incorporating cherries, strawberries, and blueberries into one's diet will not only provide essential nutrients, but some experts believe these may alleviate inflammation in certain individuals.


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