What are the Most Common Testosterone Side Effects?

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The endocrine system is where the production and maintenance of hormone levels takes place in the human body. An androgen, with the most abundant one being testosterone, is a type of hormone that is responsible for the development of the male reproductive system and male characteristics such as facial hair, chest hair and a broader bone structure. Testosterone is mostly produced in a male’s testes; however, women also produce small amounts of testosterone in their bodies.

Regardless of sex, when a person’s testosterone levels are abnormal, there are side effects. Testosterone levels in men may be increased because of hormone therapy as a result of removal of one or both testicles due to prostate cancer, or because of the use of synthetic testosterone found in such substances as anabolic steroids. Testosterone side effects caused by an increase in the body may include hypocalcaemia, tumors in the liver, facial hair, acne, fluid retention, development of a deeper voice, nausea, changes in sex drive and performance, anger, rage, depression and headaches.


Women may also increase their testosterone levels through steroid use or the overuse of prescribed synthetic testosterone, but women, unlike men, may have a naturally occurring increase in their testosterone level. This can occur after a hysterectomy, but usually occurs during and after a woman goes through menopause. Testosterone side effects caused by increased testosterone levels in the body may be the same for women as they are for men, however long-term increased testosterone side effects in women have not been studied.

Both men and woman are able to experience a natural loss of testosterone. A man will also have a decrease in testosterone because of the removal of one or both of the testes due to trauma or cancer. Testosterone side effects caused by a decrease in levels in the body include hair loss, loss of muscle mass, loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, fatigue, memory loss, anemia and weight gain.

It is important to note that the long-term effects of testosterone replacement therapy in women have not been studied, largely due to the ongoing debate surrounding any kind of hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy is used very rarely in women and requires that a woman’s estrogen and other hormones are in balance. Doctors do know that oral testosterone supplements negatively affect cholesterol levels in the body and women who are pregnant should not take testosterone because of possible effects on the fetus.


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Post 4

I suffered from an undiagnosed urological condition that essentially affected my production of testosterone. I had become depressed, had chronic fatigue (essentially in bed 15 hours a day), nerve pain,and other medical issues, etc.

After several years of not being successfully diagnosed, a doctor decided by chance to check my testosterone level. It came back as the lowest he had ever seen. My body was almost without any testosterone. I began injections.

It has taken about 10 months, but my mental outlook as dramatically improved, my energy level has risen, my pain has decreased 90 percent. I have had some side effects, like hair growth (seems like everywhere), some acne (but it can be controlled through extra washing and special soap), and increased sex drive (not a bad thing).

Post 3

Though there are a lot of bad testosterone side effects, it's important to remember that there are benefits to taking it too.

In fact, recent studies have even linked taking a good, medically-purposed testosterone supplement (i.e., not a T bomb 2 or whatever else you find online) with the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers found that testosterone can actually serve to decrease the production of b-amyloid peptides, the things that build up to cause Alzheimer's, by up to 40 percent.

Of course, again, testosterone can be extremely dangerous if taken incorrectly, and has a number of side effects even when taken properly, but it is just important to remember that there can be some benefits to taking it as well.

Post 2

I go to a gym regularly to work out, and there are always those few guys who you know are just downing the T bomb and taking the Tribulus / ZMA stack every other week.

Sure, they've got muscles, but you know what they also have? Acne. Everywhere, and I mean everywhere! Which doesn't really go well with all the hair that they have growing everywhere because of all that extra testosterone as well.

For me, it's just not worth it. I don't want to look like a magazine cover, I just want to have a healthy body. I've even heard of supplements like that being associated with something called "bigorexia," where guys get so obsessed with their muscles that they feel like they're small even when they're not.

So you can keep the Tribex and Viraloid and all that -- I'd rather have a healthy body than a crazily hormonal, acne ridden, hairy one.

Post 1

Although I am totally pro hormones and all that for treating hormonal imbalances and other things like that, I still don't think that I would ever take a testosterone treatment simply because of the side effects.

I mean, I'd be afraid that I'd start to get that "shemale" look that so many female body builders get. You know, where they start to get fuzz on their face and the crazy acne and whatnot.

Besides, I think that the mental side effects -- the rage and depression -- would pretty much cancel out any benefits for me.

What about you guys? Have you ever taken a testosterone supplement or had something like a testosterone cypionate therapy, or anything like that?

Was it worth it?

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