What are the Most Common Symptoms of Flatulence?

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Flatulence is basically excess gas in a person's digestive system. Everyone has gas, so the word flatulence is most commonly used when its presence becomes evident because a person is passing gas, belching, or having other gas-related symptoms. The most common symptoms of flatulence are passing gas; belching; and pain or bloating in the abdominal area. Though every person passes gas, belches, and experiences abdominal bloating at some point, some people feel embarrassed when a sound or an unpleasant smell accompanies the passage of gas. Additionally, some people consider passing gas or belching in social situations bad manners.

Passing gas is one of the symptoms of flatulence, and most people do it every day. Many people pass gas in the bathroom as well as while they sleep during the night. The frequency with which a person passes gas or experiences other symptoms of flatulence may vary from individual to individual. Most people, however, have some idea of what is normal for them and note increases that may occur in relation to consuming a gassy food, swallowing too much air, or contracting a digestive-related illness. Most of the excess gas a person has in his body is in his stomach or colon until it moves on and eventually exits the body.


Abdominal bloating is also among the most common symptoms of flatulence. Bloating in this area makes a person’s abdomen feel fuller than normal and unusually tight. An individual's abdomen may also look noticeably larger, and his clothing may seem to fit more snugly when he is bloated.

Pain is also among the most common symptoms of flatulence. When gas is present in the intestine, some people notice a painful or uncomfortable sensation. Some people also note pain, or at least discomfort, when they have abdominal bloating. Additionally, there are some people who occasionally feel pain when they pass gas.

Many people have belching as a symptom of flatulence. Essentially, people belch when their stomachs are full of food and they need to release gas from the upper part of the digestive system. Some people also belch because they swallow too much air while eating, talking, or even chewing gum. In such a case, the gas may be released before it even makes its way to the affected person’s stomach. Some people also swallow air on purpose, thinking that belching will make them feel less full after a big meal.


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Post 3

I have irritable bowel syndrome and I have flatulence daily. But mine are painful! I get severe intestinal cramps.

Post 2

@ankara-- Yes, it happens to me, when I eat certain types of foods. I have a sensitive digestive system and spicy and oily foods don't go down too well with me. Not only do they cause flatulence, but they give me acidity as well.

You're doing the right thing by taking anti-acids. Anti-acids not only reduce acidity, but they also help absorb some of the excess gas.

Some medications can cause flatulence problems too. My mom has type 2 diabetes and her anti-diabetic medication gives her these symptoms. She gets very bloated on some days and it makes her pass gas and belch.

Post 1

Does anyone else experience an upset stomach and acidity along with bloating and flatulence?

I've been experiencing flatulence a lot more frequently lately. But I've noticed that my stomach is also upset at the same time. I have a lot of acidity and acid reflux. I have to take antacids to feel better.

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