What are the Most Common Symptoms of a Testicle Hernia?

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An abnormal bulge in a testicle is often called a testicle hernia, in which the intestines push through an opening in the scrotum. The most obvious symptom is typically a small bulge that gets larger when straining. It can usually be pushed back into the stomach, and is sometimes tender, though severe pain is not a typical symptom of a testicle hernia. In fact, a very painful bulge that is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and a general feeling of illness may signal that there is a serious medical issue. This may be caused by the blood flow being cut off, which is not a normal occurrence with the typical uncomplicated hernia.

Those with a testicle hernia may notice some tenderness in the affected area, usually for no apparent reason. When inspected, a bulge may be noticeable, and it should become larger when the patient is standing. The bump also tends to get bigger when the patient strains, such as when lifting heavy items. The bulge can usually be pushed in temporarily, but it will likely pop back out as time passes.


While some tenderness or occasional aches may be normal with this type of hernia, it is not common for the area to be extremely painful. If there is a lot of pain in the affected testicle, and the hernia cannot be pushed in temporarily, there may be a complication involving loss of blood supply. Other symptoms of a medical issue include nausea and vomiting, along with obstruction of the bowels since part of the intestine is trapped. In general, the patient usually feels ill but does not exhibit a fever. In such cases, the testicle hernia will likely need surgery in order to heal, and the patient should seek immediate medical care to get started on the treatment process since the best results usually occur after fast treatment.

Though these symptoms may show up in any type of testicle hernia, it should be known that there are a few kinds. For example, inguinal hernias are the kinds found in the groin area in either men or women, though they are much more likely to occur in men. Direct inguinal hernias are one type, and they are most often found in areas where the abdominal wall is particularly thin, which is not usually near the testicles. On the other hand, indirect inguinal hernias are usually found near the testicles, which means that the typical testicle hernia is this type.


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What are the options available for preventing this kind of strain? Does it occur for reasons other than lifting extremely heavy objects? Men should have a very clear cut-off point in terms of how many pounds they can lift to avoid what appears to be a very painful condition.

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