What are the Most Common Risks Associated with Late Pregnancy?

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When going through a late pregnancy, a woman could potentially suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure. Late pregnancy is also known for contributing to genetic diseases and other birth defects as well. This type of pregnancy has been known to cause premature labor as well as extended periods of labor during childbirth.

Having a late pregnancy can negatively affect the health of the pregnant woman. In many cases, this manifests itself as diabetes or preeclampsia, extremely high blood pressure. Both of these conditions could lead to extreme problems for the woman and potentially cause death. During a later in life pregnancy, it is important for the woman to have her health continually monitored so any problems can be avoided upfront.

In addition to causing problems for the woman, a late pregnancy can also cause issues for the unborn child. In many cases, this has been known to lead to genetic diseases, such as Down syndrome. Babies born from this type of pregnancy are also much more likely to be born with some type of birth defect. It is important for the baby to have regular checkups to find any potential complications.


At the end of the pregnancy, there could be issues with the labor, as well. Many times, having a late pregnancy causes a woman to go into early labor. The doctor could decide to administer drugs to stop the labor or it could result in a premature baby. If the baby emerges premature, it significantly increases the amount of risks present for the baby.

Even if the labor is not early, there is more of a chance that it is going to be much longer than average. Women pregnant later in life often have extended labor. In many cases, the woman is unable to give birth through normal means. This results in a cesarean section being used.

Many women who give birth later in life also are more likely to give birth to multiple babies. The later a woman conceives, the more the odds increase in favor of having twins, triplets, or even more babies. This can add to the amount of strain that a new mother experiences as well as additional financial problems in the future.


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