What are the Most Common Reasons for a Stroller Recall?

Autumn Rivers

A stroller recall may be initiated for a few reasons, forcing manufacturers to bring their products up to the safety standards before selling any more. Fortunately, life-threatening issues due to strollers are quite rare, but there are a few common reasons for a stroller to be deemed unsafe. One of the most dangerous issues is entrapment, as the gap between the toddler tray and the seat bottom is sometimes small enough to strangle any baby who starts to slide out of the stroller. Another cause for a stroller recall is the possibility of finger amputation due to the hinges, as exposed springs and hinges that do not stay open during use have the ability to injure little fingers. Additionally, some strollers do not latch correctly, causing them to collapse with a baby inside.

A stroller recall may occur as a result of head injuries.
A stroller recall may occur as a result of head injuries.

Some strollers have been recalled after allowing infants to become trapped between the toddler tray and the seat. This can occur when an infant or toddler either accidentally or purposely slides out of the stroller, only to become stuck halfway. The tray is often close enough to their mouth to smother them, or it may put pressure on their throat, causing them to choke. Fortunately, most manufacturers are now aware of this issue, and have fixed the problem after a mass stroller recall. The opening under the tray is often larger than it once was, greatly reducing the chances of a baby or toddler becoming stuck while sliding out.

The threat of finger amputation may result in a major stroller recall.
The threat of finger amputation may result in a major stroller recall.

One common complaint that has resulted in at least one major stroller recall is the threat of finger amputation. Some strollers feature hinges that may move slightly, or start to close while the product is in use, resulting in either cutting or completely amputating any fingers that are placed on these metal parts. Some hinges stay open, but have such large openings in them that a baby can easily place a finger inside, also possibly causing an injury. Additionally, exposed springs may shear off a tiny finger, prompting a stroller recall until the issue is fixed.

Another dangerous possibility is that the stroller could unexpectedly fold up during use, crushing the baby in the process. This is usually the result of a latch that does not lock properly, and is often good reason for a major stroller recall. This type of danger has been known to cause broken bones, head injuries, and cuts to the baby, prompting most manufacturers to spend extra time ensuring that all latches stay locked during use.

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