What Are the Most Common Problems during Adolescence?

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Common problems during adolescence include mental and emotional issues, such as stress and depression. Eating disorders often occur during adolescence, as do other behavioral problems. Puberty can present problems in adolescents, as some teenagers reach puberty before their friends and others develop much later. School pressures can additionally put a teenager under a lot of stress.

Everyone goes through puberty at different rates. Starting puberty early or late are common problems during adolescence. A teenager who develops too quickly may be made fun of by her classmates. If puberty comes late, she may also face mockery by her classmates. The changes that occur during puberty, whenever they come, may make a person feel uncomfortable or nervous about her body.

Puberty brings its own set of troubles as well. Acne and pimples are common and can be embarrassing. Boys usually experience a deepening of the voice, which can make the voice crack or produce other embarrassing sounds as it becomes lower in tone. Body odor becomes much more noticeable as a child goes through puberty, meaning teenagers need to learn to use deodorant or face being made fun of.


Changes in the body may cause girls and in some cases boys to become overly concerned with their weight. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia may be problems during adolescence, though they may also occur earlier or later in life. If left untreated, an eating disorder can cause a person to experience a delay in puberty as well as other physical issues, such as heart problems, bleeding in the esophagus, and even death.

Some teenagers are unable to cope with problems during adolescence and may develop behavioral problems during this time. Usually, teenagers and older children have less adult supervision than they did as young children. If the adolescents are not prepared for less supervision, problems can occur, such as fights, underage drinking and illegal drug use, and other illegal activities. One way adults can help adolescents learn proper behavior is to give them responsibilities gradually and to provide teenagers with a supportive and caring environment.

Several mental health problems commonly arise during the adolescent years. During the teenage years, some people may first show signs of disorders such as schizophrenia or conditions such as depression. Depression among teenagers can be due to biological and genetic conditioning or as a result of stress. Although a teenager's life may seem carefree, it usually contains a lot of stress due to school and social pressures.


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Post 4

@healthy4life – Kids who have big ears or noses are easy targets for bullies. Even simple teasing can make a kid's life miserable during adolescence, but bullying can do so much more harm.

I knew a kid who was really skinny with big ears and a big nose, and bullies were all over him. They called him names, stole his lunch, and knocked him down at least once a day.

He dreaded school so much, and he had lost confidence in all areas of his life. He tried committing suicide, but thankfully, his parents discovered him before it was too late.

Bullying and suicide are huge problems some people face during adolescence. Kids are often ashamed or afraid to report it, so they end up dealing with it on their own.

Post 3

All my friends started shaving their legs and underarms before I did. I knew that once I started, I'd be stuck doing it forever, so I tried to put it off as long as possible.

I remember the first day I became aware of my hairy legs. I wore shorts to school in seventh grade, and several girls were horrified by the fact that I didn't shave. I knew the time had come, even though I wasn't ready for it.

Post 2

A lot of kids I knew had problems with growing proportionately. Some kids got really tall before they put on any weight, so they looked like bean poles. Other kids' ears grew a lot before they caught up with them.

My problem was my nose. It was big, and I had a long, narrow face with a skinny body. My nose overwhelmed my face.

I had no idea at the time that I would eventually grow into it. Now, my nose seems fitting for my face, because everything else around it caught up. It's good for teenagers to know that just because they have a noticeably big body part during adolescence doesn't mean it will stay prominent forever.

Post 1

I had so many problems during adolescence! I wasn't prepared for the hormonal imbalance that getting my period would bring.

I felt like crying for no reason. I would become irritated so easily.

The cramps were much more painful then than they are now. Sometimes, I was in so much pain that I had to miss school.

Dealing with getting your period is tough when you are young. It's something new and very unpleasant that you have to go through.

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