What are the Most Common Pregnancy Problems?

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There are many different problems a pregnant woman could experience. Pregnancy problems are different for every woman and for every pregnancy. Some of the most common pregnancy problems are anemia, nausea, urinary issues, digestion issues, and changes to physical appearance.

One of the most common types of pregnancy issues is anemia. This condition is caused by a deficiency of iron in the body. This can lead to problems such as dizziness or feeling weak and tired. In order to fix this problem, the pregnant woman will have to change her diet with the help of her doctor.

Another one of the most common pregnancy problems is nausea. Many doctors believe that the cause of nausea during pregnancy is the influx of hormones in the body. In order to minimize the effect of nausea, a pregnant woman should watch her diet and avoid certain smells.

Pregnant women also suffer from several urinary problems. Issues could include a urinary tract infection or urinary incontinence. Urinary tract infections can make it difficult to urinate and potentially cause pain. Urinary incontinence can cause small amounts of urine to leak out unexpectedly. Urinary tract infection can be fixed with antibiotics and urinary incontinence can be helped with specific exercises.


Many pregnant women also have issues with digestion. They suffer from indigestion and heartburn frequently. Foods that did not previously bother them could potentially cause severe discomfort. Women can also suffer from constipation frequently during a pregnancy. Taking a laxative can sometimes help this, but it could also cause premature labor.

Another one of the most common pregnancy problems is changes to the physical appearance of the pregnant woman. For example, many pregnant women have to deal with varicose veins. This occurs when veins in the body start to swell up and appear very visible from the outside of the skin.

Women may also have to deal with stretch marks. When a child is inside of a woman, the woman's body has to stretch and adjust to make room for it. During this process, the woman's skin can stretch out and cause stretch marks. There are lotions that can be used throughout pregnancy that can minimize the appearance of stretch marks in the future.

Many women will also have to deal with weight gain and swelling. They will experience swelling around the ankles and feet as well as possible weight gain throughout the body. Moderate exercise such as walking can help minimize the impact of the weight gain.


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Post 2

My cousin has three daughters, and each of her pregnancies was a little more taxing than the previous one. After her third child was born, she said to me, "I'd love to have more, but my body just won't let me."

She had nausea, terrible varicose veins, and with her last child, gestational diabetes. She still has to watch her blood sugar levels, though.

Her last pregnancy was so draining, in fact, that her OB recommended she have a hysterectomy. Her hormones wouldn't balance and she was not recovering well. She did and said it was the best decision she ever made.

Post 1

Pregnancy with extreme nausea is so much fun. I lost 25 pounds my first trimester! At least I had it to lose. I'd wake up sick and start finally feeling better about 6 p.m. By then, I was so tired, I'd fall into bed and start all over again the next morning.

Finally, my OB put me in the hospital on fluids. Nothing by mouth except ice chips. I was that way for 48 hours, but it did help. It seemed to break the cycle of vomiting.

I had to be careful the rest of the pregnancy, though. I ate mostly fruit and lettuce. I couldn't stand the smell of anything cooking. I decided my daughter would be an only child because of the nausea.

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