What are the Most Common Liver Disorder Symptoms?

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While those suffering from liver disorder typically have very specific symptoms, those symptoms are also common in a variety of other conditions. Some common liver disorder symptoms include fatigue; a decreased appetite; skin, urine, and stool issues; and high amounts of abdominal pain. It is important for individuals to consult a doctor as soon as possible if they suffer from these conditions.

Fatigue and a general lack of appetite are two of the most common liver disorder symptoms. While most people experiences some fatigue or lack of appetite over the course of their lives, individuals who suffer from liver disorders tend to experience these symptoms not only more often that healthy adults, but the intensity of the symptoms is also heightened significantly. Unfortunately, fatigue and a decreased diet are also a common symptoms of a variety of other types of conditions. People who are currently experiencing either of these conditions should talk to their primary health care provider as soon as possible.


People who suffer from liver disorders typically have a variety of skin issues. These issues may range from rashes that suddenly appear on the skin with no known cause, excessively itchy skin, and other similar conditions. However, one of the most common liver disorder symptoms in regards to skin conditions is jaundice, or yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes. If someone is suffering from jaundice, there is a good chance that he or she is also suffering from a liver disorder. As with fatigue and lack of appetite, it is important to someone with jaundice or any of the other skin issues described above seeks medical care as soon as possible.

Individuals who suspect that they may be currently suffering from a liver disorder should also closely examine their stool and urine for liver disorder symptoms. Typically, individuals suffering from liver disorders will have very dark colored urine that is almost brown. In contrast, their stool will usually be relatively light brown. In addition, someone who is suffering from liver disorder may also have bloody or tar-colored stool.

One last common liver disorder symptom includes high amounts of abdominal pain. As with many of the conditions listed above, while abdominal pain is highly common in people with liver disorder, it can also be found in people with a variety of other conditions. Those suffering from liver disorders usually have excessive pain that even makes sitting for long periods of time exceedingly difficult.


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