What are the Most Common Immigration Questions?

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The immigration questions asked during interviews with immigration officials depend on what status the immigrant is seeking. The immigration questions asked of an applicant seeking an immigration visa, and those asked of someone seeking to become are permanent resident, or “green card” holder, will be slightly different. The important immigration questions for applicants wishing to become naturalized US citizens are the written questions on the citizenship exam. Although there is no specific list of interview questions, they will be related to the purpose of the application.

Applicants for work visas should expect questions about their previous work history. There may also be questions about why the applicant wants to work in the US and how long she expects to be here. She should bring any written information about the job offer and the prospective employer to any interview. An applicant for a student visa may be asked why she wants to study in the US, and she should be prepared to explain her educational goals and how long it may take her to accomplish them.


A US Permanent Resident Card, commonly known as a “green card,” authorizes the holder to live and work in the US. An immediate relative, including the spouse, of a US citizen or permanent resident is eligible for a green card. An applicant should expect to answer questions about how and when she met her spouse, their pastimes, and when and where they were married. The applicant may be asked why she wants to come to the US. She should bring any copies of birth and marriage certificates to the interview.

An immigrant with an offer of permanent employment in the US can become a permanent resident, as well as can those who wish to come to the US to establish a business or have specialized work skills important to the US. The applicant should be prepared to answer questions about her prospective employer, past work experience, and any special training, skills, or foreign degrees she has. She may also be asked why she wants to work in the US. An applicant should bring any supporting documents like work references and job offer letters to the interview.

Sometimes immigration questions may include a few questions on basic information about the US, like the number of states, the names of its principal political parties, the significance of the design of the US flag and similar topics. The US Center for Immigration Services (USCIS) suggests that two important things to do at any interview are to relax and be completely honest. Although there is no required way to dress for an interview, immigration support groups suggest dressing as you would for a job interview.

A permanent resident can obtain US citizenship by satisfying the requirements set out by Congress in the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA), which includes passing a citizenship exam. The exam questions deal with the US system of government and the rights and responsibilities of US citizenship. There are also questions about important US historical events and documents. Information about the exam and other citizenship requirements is available from USCIS. There are also study guides available for the exam.


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