What are the Most Common Hypertension Side Effects?

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Some of the most common hypertension side effects include headaches, difficulty with coordination and balance, and light-headedness. Vision problems can sometimes manifest as side effects from high blood pressure. In severe hypertension, tremors or shakiness may also occur.

Hypertension side effects can range from mild to severe. Often individuals suffering from hypertension may experience no symptoms at all in the early stages. At the onset of high blood pressure however, the first recognizable sign may be recurrent headaches. This may often be mistaken for stress, although quite often individuals who are experiencing stress may develop hypertension.

Some individuals who have high blood pressure may notice hypertension side effects that affected their vision. Blurred vision or eye fatigue may occur. This may be mistaken for eyestrain in early cases of hypertension. A trained optometrist or ophthalmologist will typically ask for a medical history of hypertension upon examining the eyes, if any changes are seen.

If high blood pressure progresses to a dangerous level, hypertension side effects will become evident in the way of serious complications. If left untreated, hypertension can lead to heart problems. Coronary artery disease is a risk factor and one of the most severe side effects of hypertension. In some cases, the heart may become enlarged. Ultimately, this can lead to total heart failure.


Hypertension and renal failure is a concern for many patients living with high blood pressure. The kidneys may become irreversibly damaged if hypertension is not diagnosed and properly treated in time. Blood vessels within the kidney itself can become damaged to the point of not being able to filter waste from the body. Non-functioning kidneys can ultimately be fatal as a result of hypertension.

Another serious consequence of untreated hypertension can be a stroke. When the blood vessels within the brain become damaged by ongoing hypertension, the supply of blood to the brain may be compromised. The arterial wall of the brain may become hardened by long-term hypertension and a stroke may occur. Hypertension side effects such as blood clotting within the arteries of the brain is a factor leading to stroke.

Signs of a stroke can include numbness or confusion. The numbness may occur in the facial muscles or limbs, or on one side of the body. The patient may seem confused or lose consciousness.

Hypertension side effects can be prevented if high blood pressure is diagnosed and treated before it has progressed. The best prevention is to monitor one's blood pressure regularly. Hypertension prognosis will generally depend upon the duration of the condition.


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Post 3

I wish hypertension side effects were just physical but they're not. Ever since I've developed hypertension, I have a very short temper. I get angry so easily and I feel like I'm constantly yelling at people. I'm still struggling to keep my blood pressure low and my doctor just put me on a new medication. I hope some of my anger issues will go away soon.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- Yes, it happens to me sometimes. It's mostly when I'm upset and stressed over something. My blood pressure rises and then I start having neck and head pain.

Massage is very helpful. I have my husband massage my neck and he says that it's very tense there. I think that high blood pressure affects the nerves in our neck and head.

When this happens, I check my blood pressure, take medication if I need to and make myself a herbal tea. Taking a nap helps too.

I don't know the type of hypertension you have, but if you get this side effect frequently, you should tell your doctor. You might need an adjustment in your medication dose.

Post 1

Has anyone here had neck pain from hypertension?

I've been getting an aching pain at my neck-- where my neck and head are connected. It's very bothersome. I'm suspecting that it's a high blood pressure side effect.

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