What Are the Most Common Grape Seed Extract Side Effects?

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While grape seed extract side effects are generally very mild, a number of gastrointestinal and upper respiratory reactions have been reported. Mild vertigo, dry skin, and headaches may also occur. In addition, this supplement may cause adverse reactions in patients who take certain medications and those with specific illnesses. As with most medicines, allergic reactions are also possible.

Upset stomach and indigestion are the most commonly noted side effects of grape seed extract. In rare instances, these symptoms may be accompanied by nausea and diarrhea. These complaints most commonly occur shortly after beginning a grape seed oil regimen and vanish within a few days.

Individuals who take grape seed extract may experience a sore throat and mild cough. Elevations in blood pressure may also occur in some patients, leading to dizziness and headaches. In addition, skin ailments, especially dry scalp, occasionally arise after taking this medication. If these conditions are severe or they do not dissipate within a few days, individuals are advised to discontinue this medication and contact a medical professional.

Rarely, grape seed extract side effects may include potentially dangerous interactions with other medications. The same compounds in the supplement that may improve circulation can also prevent blood from clotting normally. People who take blood thinners, such as warfarin or heparin, are generally advised to avoid grape seed extract. Care should also be taken when mixing the herb with over-the-counter medicines, including aspirin or ibuprofen.


Patients with blood clotting disorders, such as hemophilia, should also avoid grape seed extract. The use of this herb by these individuals may increase the chances of spontaneous internal hemorrhage. Unexplained bruising, bloody stools, and the vomiting of blood may indicate internal bleeding.

Very rarely, people taking grape seed oil may experience allergic reactions. Symptoms of these reactions occur shortly after taking the supplement and may include mild to moderate skin irritation and itching. Indications of a severe allergic reaction include swelling in or around the mouth and throat and difficulty breathing. People experiencing these symptoms are advised to seek immediate medical attention.

Children and the elderly seem to be most susceptible to grape seed extract side effects. As such, these individuals should only use the supplement if advised by a healthcare professional. Additionally, pregnant or nursing women should avoid grape seed as there are too few studies to establish its safe usage in these groups.


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Post 4

I have definitely experienced the rare side effect in the form of an allergic reaction to grape seed. I had taken garlic and grape seed supplements from GNC and experienced difficulty breathing and a heaviness in my chest. Also, my heart was racing. I thought it was stress related or heart related.

Post 3

I've been taking grapeseed extract for several months and have never experienced any side effects. I take it because I don't care for red wine and one little capsule a day is a lot cheaper than a glass of wine.

Another supplement I just started taking is grapefruit seed extract. It's a powerful immune booster and detoxifier. Eventually I'll probably stop taking the grapeseed extract and just continue on with the grapefruit seed extract only.

Post 2

@whitesand - Sounds like you answered your own question. Yes, taking grapeseed extract is as beneficial as drinking a glass of red wine for antioxidant value. It's beneficial by preventing most cancers and improving the cardiovascular system.

Post 1

What exactly are the health benefits of grape seed extract? I've seen it on the shelves at my local health department but there weren't any indications for it's usage.

I was in a hurry and didn't have time to ask, but what I'm curious about is if it has the same antioxidant value as a glass of red wine. I don't care for wine and I know grape juice isn't as beneficial at fighting free radicals. I appreciate the information. Thank you.

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