What are the Most Common Facial Paralysis Causes?

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Some of the most common facial paralysis causes are injury or trauma to the face and a disease known as Bell's palsy. Stroke is another condition which may be attributed to facial paralysis. Guillaine Barre syndrome is another one of the facial paralysis causes that may also be responsible for full body paralysis. Leprosy has been known to cause facial paralysis in patients living in underdeveloped countries.

There are many nerve disorders that are major facial paralysis causes, one of which is Bell's palsy. This disorder causes facial nerves to improperly function and become severely impaired. As a result, one side of the face is generally affected and loses sensation. The mouth may begin to look droopy or one eye may become partially open. Some medical experts believe this condition may be caused by a herpes viral infection.

Facial paralysis is common in patients with Guillaine Barre syndrome. With this syndrome, the immune system mistakenly attacks the nerves within various areas of the body. Tingling or loss of sensation may be an early sign. If not treated early, paralysis may occur in the arms, legs, and face. This condition generally requires aggressive treatment for patients to recover without permanent damage.


A brain tumor may cause facial paralysis is some patients. Some brain tumors are operable and non-malignant growths. Occasionally, after surgery, facial paralysis may improve. In other cases, the paralysis may have caused permanent nerve damage.

Another one of the common facial paralysis causes is a stroke. When blood flow is restricted and the brain receives inadequate supply, the patient may be unable to move certain muscle groups or parts of his body. A stroke may impair the function of nerves within the face. Partial paralysis may occur in stroke patients as well.

In determining common facial paralysis causes, a major factor is trauma to the face itself. Automobile accidents are one of the most common causes of facial injuries. Many victims who suffer facial trauma resulting in paralysis typically were not wearing seat belts in car crashes. In some rare cases, injury from a defective automobile air bag may be another cause. There have been cases of facial paralysis that were caused by reconstructive surgery.

Anther type of trauma that may be responsible for facial paralysis is nerve damage due to an animal attack. Such cases may require extensive surgery to reconstruct the damaged facial structure and nerves. If the cells do not regenerate or the nerve damage is irreversible, permanent facial paralysis may occur.


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