What Are the Most Common Estrogen Cream Side Effects?

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Some of the most common estrogen cream side effects include cancer, bleeding, heart, disease, blood clots, strokes and dementia. Estrogen cream side effects for women who are pregnant can include miscarriage and birth defects.

One of the most common estrogen cream side effects for women in cancer. Of cancer, the most common types of cancer are breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Other types of cancer are possible, but these two types of cancer seem to be the most reported in women who are receiving hormone treatments with estrogen.

Another major side effect is bleeding. With women who are using estrogen cream, the most common type of bleeding is vaginal bleeding. In addition to bleeding from the vagina, another common estrogen cream side effects are blood clots. If undetected or untreated, blood clots can cause death.

In addition to breast cancer, some women experience lumps in the breast. The lumps may not necessarily be cancer, but it is wise to have the lumps checked and biopsied by a doctor to determine if the lumps are cancerous or not.

The leading killer of American women is a heart attack. The use of estrogen cream side effects is an increased chance of both a heart attack and a stroke. Some women also experience dementia, where they forget things.


Generally, the most common estrogen cream side effects are only experienced during the time frame in which the woman is using the medicated cream. For this reason, and to limit the side effects, most doctors only prescribe the medication for the time period that is necessary. In other words, the shorter the time frame it is used, the lower the chances that the women will experience any or all of these side effects.

Women who are pregnant who use estrogen cream can experience all of these side effects as well. In addition to these side effects, using estrogen cream while pregnant can cause miscarriages. Another one of the common estrogen cream side effects in pregnant women is birth defects. The use of the estrogen cream may also cause the child to acquire cancer at some point in their life. Estrogen cream is prescribed to women going through menopause to control their symptoms and balance their hormones.


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Post 3

I have a fibroadenoma in my breast. It's a non-cancerous growth. Although it is not dangerous now, my doctor has warned me not to use any type of estrogen products because estrogen treatments can cause the growth to turn cancerous.

Post 2

@bear78-- I think the side effects mentioned in this article are more applicable to prescription estrogen creams that are used as part of estrogen therapy. The over the counter estrogen creams are mostly plant based as you said. Although the compounds in those creams mimic estrogen in the body, their effects are much less in comparison to bioidentical hormones prescribed by doctors.

I've been using a plant based estrogen cream since several months for menopause symptoms. The only side effect I'm experiencing from the cream is mood changes.

Post 1

Wow, I was not aware that estrogen cream can cause so many serious side effects. The shocking part is that plant based estrogen creams are available over the counter and many women and even men use them without asking their doctor. I don't think people realize all of the risks they are putting themselves in when using these creams. I think the FDA needs to be more strict and make estrogen creams, plant based or not, only available with a prescription.

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