What Are the Most Common Causes of Stomach Rashes?

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Individuals with stomach rashes will typically notice reddish, bumpy patches that may become inflamed and uncomfortably itchy. While there are a multitude of reasons why a person could develop stomach rashes, four causes are the most common. These include exposure to rash-inducing plants, food allergies, detergent sensitivities, and insect bites.

One of the most common reasons for stomach rashes is exposure to plants like poison oak, ivy and sumac. If an individual's stomach comes into contact with any of these plants, it's quite easy for a rash to occur. While not every person is allergic to these plants, the majority of the population is. In most cases, it will take a day or two for the rash to fully develop. After it makes its appearance, the symptoms typically last for around a week, and may appear on additional areas of the body, depending on the strength of the immune system and whether the poisonous oils made contact with the skin there.

Food allergies are another common cause of stomach rashes. Some foods that have been known to cause allergic outbreaks on the stomach include wheat, shellfish and peanuts. In many cases, this happens when a person is unaware that a meal contains the ingredients that he is allergic to. While stomach rashes stemming from food allergies are usually mild, certain individuals may experience more severe symptoms, like labored breathing and excessive swelling. In this case, medical assistance should be sought immediately.


Some people may also experience symptoms after coming into contact with certain types of detergents. Since many of these cleaning agents consist of unnatural chemicals, they can sometimes lead to the formation of stomach rashes. This type of reaction often occurs after a person washes his clothing with a new type of detergent. When he puts a shirt on after being washed, he may develop a stomach rash. If this is suspected, the person is advised to switch to a different type of detergent or go back to his original one.

In addition, insect bites can also be the catalyst for stomach rashes. Perhaps the most common types of insect bites that lead to a rash are a wasp or bee sting. If this occurs on the stomach, it's normal for the stomach to become reddened and painful. For people without serious allergies to wasp or bee stings, this occurrence will be uncomfortable but isn't life threatening. Those with serious allergies should seek medical attention because it can lead to severe swelling and could become life threatening.


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@simrin-- I think so. Once I had an infection and a fever because of it. The increase in my body temperature caused a rash on my stomach, arms and neck. My mom said that I had a similar rash when I got measles as a child.

There are so many conditions that cause rashes but sometimes it's hard to know what's causing it. I have a friend with eczema and when she gets a rash, she can't tell if it's the eczema or something else. Because skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis look very much like a rash on their own.

Post 2

Can an infection cause stomach rashes?

Post 1
I had a stomach rash, called a PUPPP rash, with all three of my pregnancies. It's a common pregnancy rash and it appears around week thirty. It's very annoying though. It causes red, raised, itchy spots all over the stomach. It can be painful too.

They don't go away until after birth either. I got through my pregnancies in this state with anti-itch creams prescribed by my doctor. I still don't know how I managed three pregnancies this way. I think I was hoping that it wouldn't re-occur after my first one.

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