What are the Most Common Causes of Night Sweats and Nausea?

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Night sweats and nausea can be caused by a number of different conditions. Sometimes, people experience a handful of nights of poor sleep accompanied with sweating and feeling nauseous because of stress or minor infections, and they are not necessarily a cause of concern. It is important to see a medical professional for evaluation and the exploration of treatment options if these symptoms persist, as they can be a sign of an underlying medical problem. If other symptoms are present as well, such as daytime problems with sweating and nausea, fever, headaches, and so forth, these can be important diagnostic clues.

Hormonal changes are a very common reason for people to develop night sweats and nausea. Menopause often begins with these symptoms and people with hormone disorders, including cancers of the endocrine system, can develop them as their bodies struggle to regulate at night. Another common cause is immunosuppression, which may be caused by an infection in the body eating up the resources of the immune system, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), lymphoma, and a variety of other conditions. They can also be a result of taking immunosuppressive medications for cancer treatment or organ transplants.


Sleep apnea is associated with night sweats and nausea, as are migraines. Certain medications can cause nighttime sweating and intestinal discomfort including some antibiotics, antidepressant medications, and steroids used to treat inflammation. Low blood sugar is another common cause, particularly in people with diabetes. Managing blood sugar levels before bed more effectively can sometimes address the problem.

Some neurological disorders cause these symptoms as well. In addition, people reacting to foods they are allergic to, meals that upset the stomach, or high caffeine intake can sweat during the night and may feel nauseated. As discussed above, stress can be another cause. People living in a high state of stress often experience gastrointestinal symptoms and may have trouble with thermoregulation, leading to night sweats.

When people go to the healthcare provider for night sweats and nausea, it is helpful to be able to say how long they have been occurring, and to provide information about other symptoms. Any major life changes should be documented as well to see if they are responsible. Treating the underlying cause should resolve the symptoms, and some patients also benefit from anti-nausea medications and other measures to help them feel more comfortable during the process of diagnosis and treatment.


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Post 2

I can always tell when my husband is battling some migraine problems, or is even about to. How? He gets really nauseous and has night sweats.

I mean, I thought that I would be the one tormenting him with a soaked bed as we got older but it appears that the tables have been turned! Until it was an issue for us, I didn't even realize there was such a thing as mens night sweats!

Bless him, he is so pitiful. It’s bad enough to have to deal with one of those horrible headaches (he can’t even be in the light when they are at their worst), but then to have his sleep disturbed, too.

I hate it for him so much!

Post 1

I’ve always heard about ladies experiencing nausea and night sweats at the ‘change of life.’ Nobody ever told me to expect such a thing when I was pregnant!

Well, granted I knew nausea was common in the form of morning sickness for expectant moms. But I truly had no idea what was wrong with when I woke up drenched during the later months of my first pregnancy! It appeared that I was having all the symptoms of night sweats!

Apparently, this isn’t one of the most common signs and symptoms of pregnancy, but the surging hormones make it common enough! Who knew?

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