What Are the Most Common Causes of Groin Rashes?

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Groin rashes can have a variety of causes. They are commonly caused by fungus that thrives in warm, dark, moist areas. Certain types of bacterial can also cause rashes in the folds of a person's skin, such as where the legs meet the torso. Allergic reactions and parasites may also cause groin rashes.

The groin refers to the area between a person's legs. This not only includes the external reproductive organs, but also the top part of the inner thigh, where the legs meet the rest of the body. Rashes in this area are often very uncomfortable, but they typically aren't caused by anything too serious.

Fungal infections are common causes of rashes. Jock itch, for example, is one of the most common causes of a groin rash. This type of infection is caused by the same type of fungus that causes ringworm and athlete's foot. Most jock itch rashes are red and very itchy.

A yeast infection can also cause a groin rash, and this type of infection is also caused by a fungus. Both men a women may develop yeast infections, and this type of rash will often be red and itchy, and cause a burning sensation during urination. Although a yeast infection typically affects the vagina or penis, a rash can spread to other parts of the groin, especially if it is not treated promptly.


Treatment for jock itch and yeast infections usually involves the use of topical anti-fungal creams. Most individuals are able to use over-the-counter creams to clear up these rashes. For stubborn conditions that resist this type of treatment, a stronger prescription anti-fungal cream may be necessary.

Some types of bacteria can also cause groin rashes. Erythrasma, for instance, is a type of bacterial skin infection that affects the folds of the skin, namely in the groin, under the arms, and between the toes. A red or pink rash is usually an early sign of this type of infection, but as time goes by, the rash will often turn tan or brown. These types of rashes are also usually scaly and dry.

Allergic reactions can also cause rashes on some people. This occurs when a person's groin comes in contact with an allergen. A laundry detergent or soap allergy, for instance, can cause a rash in the groin area.

Parasites are another common cause of rashes in the groin area. Scabies, for example, are tiny mites that burrow underneath a person's skin. This often causes intense itching and a red rash. Pubic lice can also cause intense itching and a rash in the groin area.


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Post 5

I have had a groin rash for a year now. I've been to five doctors and two dermatologists. Now the dermatologist says he thinks it is neurological? Please.

Post 4

Would applying apple cider vinegar help?

Post 3

@feruze-- Do you exercise regularly and use the showers and changing rooms at the gym? Or do you share clothes with people?

You probably have jock itch. Fungal infections are probably the most common causes of groin rashes in men. Get a topical anti-fungal cream from the pharmacy and use it. If the rash doesn't go away, then see your doctor.

Post 2

@feruze-- Could it be a heat rash?

I have a groin rash right now from heat and sweating. I have the same rash on my underarms.

First I thought that it was a food allergy but my dermatologist said that it looks like a heat rash. I just moved to a new apartment, so I was carrying things and working in the heat the entire weekend. That's when the rash popped up. Apparently, we have sweat glands in the groin area and this is why heat rashes can occur there.

I've been told to shower frequently, wear all cotton and stay cool. I've showered three times today and have been sitting at home with air conditioning. I'm also using my hydrocortisone cream on the rash. It has made a big difference, the itching has lessened, the rash is starting to go away.

Post 1

I woke up this morning with a groin rash! I have no idea how it happened but it's very itchy and uncomfortable. I'm not sure what to do.

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