What are the Medicinal Uses of Calcarea Phosphorica?

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Calcarea phosphorica is a mineral homeopathic medicine used mostly for disorders associated with nutritional deficiency, psychological conditions, and abnormality in a child’s growth and development. It is commonly known as calcium phosphate, which is a mineral salt that plays extensive role in the mineralization of teeth and bones. Chemical components of it include the mixture of diluted phosphoric acid and calcium hydroxide, also known as lime water. This remedy is frequently confused with many similar remedies, such as the Tuberculinum, Calcarea carbonica and Chamomilla.

Preparations of Calcarea phosphorica typically are in the form of gel, ointment, dental paste, capsule, or powder. Chewable tablets are also available, especially for children. These are made to treat many developmental conditions in children, such as delay in talking and walking, late development of teeth, malformation of bones, progressive widening or delay in the closure of the fontanels, and anemic conditions. Other childhood conditions that may benefit from it include growing pains, indigestion, headaches, grief, and inflammation of the spine, known as rachitis.


This treatment is also sometimes used for individuals who recover from acute illnesses slowly, and in those with severe thinness or emaciation as a result of malnutrition or underlying disease. Psychological problems, such as discontent, irritability, fear and anger, may also benefit with this treatment. It's also sometimes used to provide temporary relief of psychological tensions, such as stress, nervousness, anxiety and mild depression. Other health conditions for which this homeopathic preparation is used include insomnia, indigestion, carpal tunnel syndrome, diarrhea, allergies, and hypocalcemia or calcium deficiency.

This remedy is thought by some practitioners to be beneficial in healing bone fractures and bone misalignments, as it can provide balance and reformation of deformed bone structures. Tablet preparations of this compound are usually recommended as a supplement to treat osteoarthritis, backache, and prevent osteoporosis or brittleness of bones, which is very common in the elderly and in post-menopausal women. It may also be helpful during and after pregnancy to relieve tiredness and facilitate nutrient absorption.

Homeopathic practitioners, also called homeopaths, frequently provide remedies to their patients after thorough consideration of their problems. The therapeutic dosage of Calcarea phosphorica depends mainly on the severity of the condition, the preparation of the remedy, and the age of the patient. Consuming excessive amounts or an accidental overdose can result in poisoning.


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Post 7

I'm taking nerve tonic and this is one of the ingredients. Never heard any of this stuff. Usually for depression/stress, it's 5htp gaba or passion flower and stuff, not phosphorica stuff. Guess I'll see how it works.

Post 6

This is a good medicine. Can adults also consume to supplement a deficiency of calcium to make bones strong. Please advise.

Post 4

I thought I had muscle and tendon issues, but found out it was a dislocated shoulder and was given this remedy.

Post 3

I am taking this for a broken elbow. my attitude is horrible. my ND. said it would help both. I hope he is right.

Post 2

I was just given this Calcarea Phosphorica for a fractured pelvis by my Doctor a naturopathic MD surgeon etc. I trust him. he said it would help with bone healing.

Post 1

I have a fractured ankle. can this product help escalate bone healing in a 66 year old woman?

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