What are the Medical Uses of Trolamine Salicylate?

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Trolamine salicylate is a medication that is most often prescribed in the cream form, and which is commonly used in the treatment of a number of skin and musculoskeletal conditions. One of the most common ways in which this medication is used is in the treatment of shingles, commonly considered by many as adult chicken pox. Additionally, trolamine is often used to treat muscle soreness associated with high amounts of physical activity. In some cases, the drug may be used for those suffering from arthritis pain. Trolamine has been found to vary in its effectiveness from patient to patient, and therefore may not be recommended for all.

One of the most common medical uses for trolamine salicylate is in the treatment of shingles. Shingles is considered by many to be the adult form of chicken pox, and occurs when blisters or a rash forms on the skin of an affected patient. Along with these skin conditions, those suffering from shingles typically experience a significant increase in itching and pain. Though a number of medications are typically prescribed for those suffering from shingles, trolamine salicylate is generally considered to be one of the best. In most cases, trolamine salicylate is prescribed in the cream form for those suffering from this condition.


In many cases, trolamine salicylate is used in the treatment of muscle soreness. Studies suggest that this medication works best when used in the treatment of muscle soreness associated with high amounts of activity, and not with medical conditions that have been linked to an increase in the rate of muscle soreness. In addition, some research has found that for best results, trolamine salicylate, in the cream form, should be applied to sore or aching muscles when the first signs of distress appear. When lactic acid levels reach their peak, trolamine salicylate may not prove to be as effective. Trolamine is generally not prescribed orally for this use.

Trolamine is also often prescribed in the treatment of arthritis pain. Typically, trolamine is only prescribed for treatment of this condition after a number of other measures have been tried and failed, as success rates appear to be quite individualized. As with shingles, trolamine salicylate is most often prescribed in the cream form for those suffering from arthritis pain, though in the most severe cases, an oral form of the medication may be available. Like the cream form of the medication, this is only available with a doctor's prescription.


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