What Are the Medical Uses of the Lingzhi Mushroom?

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Also known as reishi, the lingzhi mushroom is hailed as the "King of the Herbs" in herbal medicine. It is one of the medicinal mushrooms that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 4,000 years to treat health conditions such as cancer, heart problems, and diabetes. The immune system also receives a boost, which in turn aids in warding off diseases such as the common cold and candida albicans.

The antitumor substances found in the lingzhi mushroom are able to help in the treatment of cancer. The immunotherapeutic activity helps to strengthen the immune system, which helps prevent the cancer from spreading. When taken in conjunction with conventional cancer therapies, such as chemotherapy and radiation, the lingzhi mushroom can help to reduce the negative side effects of the treatments, such as pain, fatigue, and hair loss.

The lingzhi mushroom is very beneficial for diabetes, as it not only lowers blood sugar levels, but it also reduces the risk of further complications of the disease. Kidney problems, such as proteinuria, often occur as a result of diabetes, and lingzhi has been shown to effectively reduce protein in the urine. It can also lower cholesterol in the blood, which is known as cholesterolemia. Other complications of diabetes that the lingzhi mushroom can protect against include cataracts and damage to the retina.


Heart health can also be improved by taking lingzhi mushroom. According to research, it not only lowers blood pressure levels but cholesterol levels as well, both of which are essential for good heart health. In addition, it prevents blood from clotting, which in turn can help to reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Other benefits of taking lingzhi mushroom include a healthier respiratory system as it aids in reducing inflammation. As a result, the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, and allergies can be reduced. The antibacterial and antiviral properties can potentially ward off common ailments such as the common cold, candida albicans, and escherichia coli.

There are several different ways to take lingzhi mushroom, as it is available in a dried form as well as in supplements. In either form, it should not be taken consecutively for more than three to six months because it can cause negative side effects. These side effects include a dryness in the mouth and throat, an upset stomach, and dizziness. Pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to check with their health care providers before taking lingzhi mushrooms.


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