What Are the Medical Uses of Lilium Tigrinum?

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Lilium tigrinum, better known as tiger lily, is an orange colored plant covered with dark spots. Besides its unique appearance, lilium tigrinum also offers several medical benefits that primarily revolve around its calming effects. Some of which include the ability to help a variety of stomach problems, heart problems, urinary complications and menstruation difficulties for women. In addition, it is often helpful for improving a person's overall mental health and can help with depression.

Aiding stomach problems is perhaps one of the most helpful aspects of tiger lily. Symptoms such as indigestion, cramps and vomiting can usually be alleviated through the consumption of this plant. Usually, the flower buds and roots are baked to obtain the medicinal qualities from the plant. It can also aid in relaxing the entire body and relieving anxiety.

Another medical benefit of lilium tigrinum is its ability to aid heart problems. People experiencing irregular heartbeats or heart palpitations often benefit from this plant. It can also alleviate any numbness a person feels in his arms due to tension in the heart. Routine consumption of tiger lily should also help increase one's overall level of heart function.

Urinary complications can usually be cleared up as well. For instance, symptoms like a burning sensation during urination can be reduced. Lilium tigrinum can also be helpful if a person has the frequent urge to urinate but doesn't actually produce any urine.


Women suffering from difficulties associated with menstruation can also benefit from tiger lily. Many times, the nervous system of women can get out of whack due to hormonal imbalances. This plant helps to calm the nervous system. It also reduces ovarian cramps by reducing bodily tension and helping the flow of blood. In turn, this makes the menstruation process more comfortable and can reduce irritability and frustration.

Along with the healing of physical problems, lilium tigrinum can also improve a person's overall mental health. It has been used for centuries as a cure for those struggling from depression and is known to provide substantial relief from mental suffering. As a result, individuals will usually feel that their spirits have been lifted after consuming the plant. Since tiger lily helps to calm the nervous system, it also works well for reducing the anxiety that can lead to depression or other mental disorders. It can also curb irritability and aggressive behavior, which reduces the odds of someone injuring himself or others.


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