What Are the Medical Uses of Lac Caninum?

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The homeopathic remedy lac caninum, which is derived from the milk of a nursing mother dog, can be used to treat a variety of medical issues. It is often used to treat women who have sore, swollen, painful breasts, and can also help mothers with breastfeeding issues. Menstrual problems may also be relieved using this remedy. It is thought to be effective in easing problems with the mouth, nose, and throat, and to also help with certain mental ailments like chronic forgetfulness, phobias, or hypersensitivity. Other problems it can help with include headaches, sciatica, and rheumatism.

Women who have problems with their breasts are often given lac caninum as a treatment. It can relieve the pain and swelling that may occur in the breasts due to the menstrual cycle. Mastitis, where painful, hard lumps form in the breasts, is sometimes treated with it. Breastfeeding issues, particularly overproduction of milk, also often respond well to use of lac caninum.

This treatment can also help women who have issues during menstruation. It is often given to women whose period comes too early, or those to have a very heavy, gushing blood flow. Those with abnormal discharge from the vagina may benefit from its use, as can those who have extreme genital sensitivity.


Problems with the mouth, nose, and particularly the throat are often treated with lac caninum. The pain of sore throats, whether caused by infection, cough, or tonsillitis, may be soothed by it. Nasal congestion, particularly in one nostril, can be relieved by taking lac caninum. It is also thought to be effective when the mouth and tongue are sore, coated, or generating excess saliva.

Certain mental ailments are thought to respond well to lac caninum. People who are very forgetful are often treated with it. It is thought to help ease hypersensitivity and phobias, as well as feelings that one is unimportant or inadequate.

A variety of other issues are also thought to benefit from taking lac caninum. People with headaches, particularly extremely painful ones that cause blurred vision, nausea, or ringing in the ears, may want to use it. People who feel sensations of floating or not touching the ground or bed while walking or lying down are often given this remedy. It may help relieve pain in the lower back or sciatica affecting the legs, as well as easing the joint pain of rheumatism.


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