What are the Medical Uses of Deer Antler Velvet?

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Deer antler velvet is an herbal and nutritional remedy that is used in many forms of alternative medicine. Contrary to popular belief, the product is not composed only of the silky top layer of the antler; to produce the velvet, the entire antler is removed and ground into a fine powder. In terms of medical uses, the compound is used to treat many different health woes, including fatigue, wound healing, and issues involving lack of sexual desire or the ability to function.

One of the most often cited claims for deer antler velvet is the ability of the natural medicine to help restore function to the immune system. Proponents of the use of the supplement claim that by improving the ability of the immune system to fight off disease, deer antler velvet can in fact be indirectly responsible for aiding in recover from just about any type of health ailment. For example, using the supplement would make it easier for the body to stave off a cold or flu, resulting in the illness resolving in a shorter period of time. Enhancing the function of the immune system is also seen as one of the reasons why deer antler velvet is claimed to be such a potent arthritis supplement.


The properties of deer antler velvet are also purported to have a positive effect on vitality issues, especially where strength and endurance appear to be compromised. It is not unusual for athletes who engage in bodybuilding to make use of the supplement during various forms of weight training. The increased stamina also comes in handy during competitions, allowing athletes to compete for longer periods without beginning to weaken.

Along with increasing endurance during sporting activities, deer antler velvet is also understood by many to provide a boost to flagging sex drives. Some reports cite anecdotal evidence that the powder can greatly enhance the sexual performance of the male, while also increasing the desire for physical intimacy in women. Along with this increased desire, the supplement is supposed to increased sensation during intercourse, providing greater pleasure for both partners.

While there are a number of claims for the medicinal benefits of deer antler velvet circulated among alternative practitioners and enthusiasts, research conducted in the west have not yet reached any conclusions on the efficacy of the supplement for healing any type of health issue. At present, the body of evidence remains anecdotal, although proponents readily point out that the powder has been used for centuries in a number of locations around the world, with apparent success for a number of people.


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