What are the Medical Uses of Croton Tiglium?

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Croton tiglium, also known by its common name Croton, is a flowering plant used to treat a wide range of ailments. It is typically used to treat skin conditions, such as itching, scabies, carbuncles, eczema, and rashes. It is also reported to treat cancerous lesions and tumors and is a common homeopathic remedy for digestive problems, such as dysentery, diarrhea and nausea. The medicinal properties of Croton tiglium are found in the oils of the seeds, while the bark and the leaves are used for other purposes, such as hunting and fishing.

Some unusual ailments may be treated by using Croton tiglium. For example, the leaves of the herb are often made into a poultice and then rubbed onto an area of the skin where a snake bite occurred. In addition, the root is sometimes applied to skin areas that have cancerous lesions.

Sometimes Croton tiglium is used to treat common ailments such as colds, fever, and diarrhea. It is also reported to delay the menstrual cycle, treat paralysis, and heal a toothache. New reports emerge on a continuous basis. For example, the oil from the seeds has recently been used to treat schistosomiasis, a parasitic disease.


People who follow homeopathic medical practices should understand that most homeopathic practitioners use plants, minerals, and herbs that are poisonous to heal and treat their patients. They dilute the remedy, so it no longer harms the patient, but heals. For example, Croton tiglium contains phorbol, a carcinogenic or cancer-causing agent.

In some areas of the world, a single seed is consumed as a purgative. When the purging is complete, the patient is encouraged to consume coconut milk. Drinking coconut milk is believed to halt the purging process.

Certain groups of people also use the bark of Croton tiglium to make poison arrows. Other groups have been known to use the seeds and the leaves of the herb to poison fish. In fact, reports have indicated that the seeds and leaves can be crushed, pulverized and thrown into sacks. If the sacks are then placed in rivers and ponds, the fish are stunned and easy to catch.

Reports have indicated that only four seeds of the herb can be fatal for most individuals. In addition, an overdose of the oil may cause shock, and if it applied in too high of a concentration to the skin, it can lead to blistering. As a result, an expert in the field of homeopathic medicine should be consulted before using Croton tiglium.


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Post 3

Homeopathy does not work on this pattern. Croton tiglium has anticancer properties, so all cancer patients can respond to it. Homeopathy needs a complete case history of the patient to find a suitable medicine for the patient that will definitely work.

Post 2

@Monika - Maybe this stuff does work for cancer. You don't know for sure. Do you really think that if there was a real cure for cancer, the medical community would let it get out? People make millions of dollars a year off the current cancer treatments!

I do however, think it's crazy that this stuff can treat illness in very very small doses, and kill you if you take a moderately small dose. I hope people that use this stuff in seed form don't keep too many seeds around all at once.

Post 1

I'm sorry, but I highly doubt that croton tiglium is effective in treating tumors and cancerous lesions. If it was, I'm sure they would be using it to treat cancer right now!

It's so irresponsible for homeopathic practitioners to tell stuff like this to their patients. I actually had a friend of a friend who recently died from cancer because she refused to use Western medicine. Instead, she went to alternative practitioners that told her they could treat her cancer with herbs. Well guess what? It didn't work!

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