What are the Highest Antioxidant Plants?

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Among the highest antioxidant plants are those that produce chili peppers, broccoli, fennel, honeyberry or honeysuckle, and strawberries. Other berries that produce natural antioxidants include blueberries, raspberries and the acai berry. Many antioxidant plants that yield healthy herbs and antioxidant vegetables, such as parsley, kale and red beets, can be purchased from a local grocer or even grown in a domestic garden.

Antioxidants found in herbs, fruits and vegetables protect the body against cellular damage that would ordinarily be caused by oxygen molecules, otherwise known as free radicals. While free radicals are naturally present in the body, outside influences like pollution, cigarette smoking and a variety of infections can also create an abundance of free radicals. When included in the diet and combined with a healthy lifestyle, however, antioxidants can guard against free radicals and be of great benefit to a person’s overall health. While often sold in tablet, extract and other pre-packaged forms, antioxidant plants, fruits and vegetables are the most natural sources for obtaining this healthy ingredient.

Antioxidant plants, such as tomato plants and bell pepper plants, are sensitive to extreme weather conditions, but are appreciated for their immense health benefits. Regularly consuming these and other sources of antioxidants help promote healthy aging and assist in protecting the body against disease and dangerous health conditions, such as cancer and high cholesterol. These antioxidant vegetables are easy to prepare in salads and can be found in most grocery stores year round.


High in vitamin C, potatoes are also appreciated for the high antioxidant benefit each contains. Research has even shown that, as potatoes age, they also experience varying degrees of antioxidant levels. Darker potato varieties, such as dark red and purple potatoes, also tend to have higher antioxidant properties than lighter-colored potatoes do.

Certain herbs are also touted by health enthusiasts as being good sources of antioxidants. For instance, herbs such as burdock root are considered high antioxidant plants, which support good heart health. Other antioxidant herbs include green tea, Indian gooseberry and holy basil.

While antioxidant plants serve as excellent sources for antioxidants, other trees and their fruit offer the same health benefits. Examples include watermelon, grapes, cherries lemons, oranges, mangoes and pomegranates. Dried fruits, such as apricots and prunes are also considered by health enthusiasts to be very good antioxidant fruits. Many whole grains are also good antioxidant sources, as are sunflower seeds and soybeans.


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