what are the Healthiest Weight Reduction Programs?

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The healthiest weight reduction programs are those that combine proper nutrition with a robust and sustainable exercise plan. Fad diets that include severe restrictions on caloric intake or weight reduction programs that only include exercise are not only unsuccessful but they can also can be dangerous. To lose weight, a person must find the proper balance between caloric intake and output. Research has shown repeatedly that the best weight loss plans are those that a person can incorporate into his or her daily life over the long term. Weight reduction programs that are too intensive, too arduous or too restrictive are ultimately counterproductive, as dieters will not often maintain them for very long.

The key to healthy weight loss is ensuring that the program can be slowly and progressively incorporated into a person's life. Those who attempt to do too much, too quickly, often find that they are setting themselves up for failure. The first step is clearly defining a reasonable overall goal for the weight loss. Then, a person must establish a set of small, progressive milestones that will culminate in the achievement of the final goal. This feature is often the most vital, as a person must mentally persevere by building upon each successful milestone.


After the establishment of goals and milestones, effective weight reduction programs must account for a person's optimal nutritional requirements. A nutrition plan that does not provide a balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats offers short-term gains at the expense of long-term success. Also, proper caloric intake must be accounted for. Proper nutrition accounts for more in the metabolic process than exercise does, so more emphasis should be placed on balanced nutrition. Weight reduction programs that do not offer a balanced, comprehensive nutrition plan should be avoided.

When it comes to exercise, the best weight reduction programs feature engaging and interesting workouts that keep a person energized and focused. Exercise plans that are too rigorous, especially for those who are not accustomed to rigorous activity, often become too off-putting, leading to the discontinuation. Exercise that seems monotonous will also hinder long-term success. A person must find the workouts and activities that are most enjoyable and those that offer enough of a challenge without hindering his or her weight loss goals.

The healthiest weight reduction programs are those that a person can sustain throughout his or her life. No matter how aggressive, intensive or complex a weight loss plan is, it simply cannot succeed if a person becomes discouraged and quits in the middle of it. Proper nutrition and enjoyable exercise must be the primary features that any weight loss plan is centered around.


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