What are the Health-Promoting Properties of Mother of Vinegar?

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Mother of vinegar, often tenderly called simply “mother,” is a slimy gelatinous material that is found in unpasteurized vinegar. In general, it is the growth of acetic bacteria that are responsible for turning alcohol into vinegar. The acetic bacteria which are the heart of the mother of vinegar are usually filtered and killed by pasteurization in most non-organic vinegars. However, when it is present in the final product, especially that in cider vinegar, the mother has countless health benefits.

As a preventative tonic, consuming mother of vinegar strengthens many body systems and improves the immune system. Specifically, it helps circulation by thinning the blood and combating bad cholesterol, removing mineral deposits that are responsible for arthritis and bursitis and helping the body achieve homeostasis with greater ease.

When taken on a daily basis, mother of vinegar serves as an antibacterial and antifungal agent. It can also be use topically to control fungus or to clean a wound. When applied to the skin, it can relieve itching, muscle pain, and certain skin rashes.


Mother of vinegar can also help people to lose weight. It is said to help to reduce the excess fat in cells, decreasing cellulite and promoting weight loss. As a supplement to a healthy diet and exercise, mother will help shed pounds while actively supplying the body with additional benefits. About two spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar that contains this material should be taken daily. It is best to dilute it in a large glass of water mixed with honey to lessen the harsh taste.

These are just a few of the health benefits of mother of vinegar, but to reap its rewards, users must choose apple cider vinegar that contains the mother. The slimy substance or chunks in the bottle let the consumer know that it is there. It may seem unappetizing to look at, but it is completely harmless to eat. People can also make their own by purchasing the bacteria at health food stores and adding it to wine or cider to hasten fermentation.


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Post 4

I discovered the wonders of apple cider vinegar when I found a copy of Bragg's apple cider vinegar health system in a yard sale box of books and began reading in fascination.

I've just picked up my first bottle of Heinz all-natural apple cider vinegar with "mother". Remember, it must not be pasteurized or distilled.

Post 3

I remember my parents using the "mother" on our wounds when we would get cut. I thought it was so disgusting (the smell and feel) as a kid, but now am fascinated by it! Too bad more people don't know about its benefits!

Post 2

Can apple cider vinegar with the mother help with sjogrens syndrome?

Post 1

Thanks for this article! I have a "rogue mother" on my hands and was wondering what to do with it.

I made a herbal tincture of fall-dug Dandelion root in Apple Cider Vinegar, organic and unpasteurized of course. Dandelion root dug in the fall is rich in Inulin, an indigestible sugar that may have some health benefits*. The Inulin shows up as a white layer on the bottom of the jar.

When I finally got around to decanting this batch I found little Inulin, but a huge layer of Mother of Vinegar, resembling a thick Kombucha pancake. My guess is that the mother ate the Inulin, and the question was whether I should strain the tincture to remove it, or blend it in. I think I will try the latter.

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