What are the Health Benefits of Papaya?

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Papaya is not only a fruit that is enjoyed by many people, it is also an excellent source of nutrients and promotes the health and healing of a number of common ailments. With plenty of vitamin C, carotene, fiber, and a range of minerals, the health benefits of papaya are varied and many. Whether taken as a nutritional supplement or enjoyed as a raw or cooked fruit, papaya is good for the heart, the skin, and maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal system.

One of the main health benefits of papaya has to do with cardiovascular health. Along with the ample dose of vitamin C and antioxidants, papaya is also a good source of potassium. Potassium is important when it comes to regulating the heartbeat, as well as helping to nourish the nervous system. Between these two functions, papaya can be very helpful during periods of stress that can often lead to anxiety. The fiber is also said to aid in reducing bad cholesterol, which can in turn decrease the chances for heart disease.


Another important benefit of papaya is the regulation of the digestive system. The nutrients in papaya aid in proper protein digestion, while the fiber is helpful in keeping the colon and other parts of the gastrointestinal system functioning properly. By helping the system to efficiently absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins from the body, papaya helps to make sure all vital organs have what is needed to function while minimizing exposure to elements that could impair those functions.

The health benefits of papaya also include nourishing the skin. The range of nutrients found in the fruit can help the skin to remain supple and nourished, rather than dried out and brittle. Since papaya can help to open the pores, it may mean that the skin is less likelty to collect oil and dirt, reducing the development of acne. Skin may be healthier and smoother.

Papaya may offer a number of other health benefits that are backed with a great deal of anecdotal evidence. The arginine found in the fruit is said to help increase male fertility. Papaya is said to help with constipation by restoring a more balanced bowel function. The relatively low calories make the fruit an ideal choice in many diet plans. While some of the purported benefits have not yet been scientifically confirmed, there are nevertheless many reasons to enjoy this fruit now and then, both for the taste and the nutrition.


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Post 3

I'm a big fan of papaya juice. I don't know if it does anything for my health but it tastes incredible.

I usually buy it from the store but it can get expensive. I have thought about making my own juice but I don't have any experience with this kind of thing. Has anyone tried this that can tell me how feasible an idea this is?

Post 2

I eat papaya every morning for breakfast and I think it gives me a health boost that lasts for the whole day.

I always buy it fresh and have a few big slices with a piece of toast each morning. I always have high energy, stay regular with my digestive system and have a general feeling of well being. I give all the credit for these effects to papaya. It really is a miracle fruit.

Post 1

I use a skin cream that includes papaya and I have seen huge improvements in the tone and texture of my skin.

I started using it about a year ago. Until then I had always suffered from a little redness and sometimes oiliness on my skin, especially my face.

After I had used the cream for just a few weeks my skin looked great. It seriously took 7 years off my age. Now I use it every night and I has become one of my favorite beauty products

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