What Are the Health Benefits of Grape Juice?

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The health benefits of grape juice include increased cardiovascular system health, tumor prevention, cancer prevention, help with constipation, and perhaps better immunity to disease. In some cases, those who do not want to drink red wine may find that non-alcoholic grape juice offers many of the same benefits. In addition, grape juice does not lead to the chemical dependencies that are often associated with alcoholic beverages.

Of all health benefits of grape juice, one of the most prevalent of benefits relates to the cardiovascular system. This juice can help regulate blood pressure, reduce blood clot risk, and help to reduce bad cholesterol levels, known as LDL cholesterol. Evidence suggests grape juice can actually dilate blood vessels. This can be very beneficial in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes, thus increasing life expectancy and overall quality of life.

Grape juice also contains a substance called resveratrol. While resveratrol is the subject of a number of studies, it is thought this may help prevent certain forms of cancer, tumors, and heart disease. Studies are ongoing, but it is a possibility that many health professionals are excited about.

The digestive system can also be helped when a person drinks the juice. White grape juice in particular can help soothe an irritated digestive system, especially the intestines. The benefit may not be as great with darker grape juices.


While grape juice cannot be considered a laxative and actually has very little fiber, the easing of an irritated digestive system could also help remedy constipation. As the intestines relax, it may make it easier to have bowel movements. This benefit is more a side effect than an actual treatment for constipation, most of the time, but it is something that could benefit many people when used in combination with other treatments.

Like many other types of fruit juice, grape juice has some vitamin C. Even though this nutrient is not naturally found in the product in large quantities, it is often added to the juice by major producers. While this may beneficial to some consumers, for some individuals, the extra acidity can be hard on the stomach.


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