What Are the Health Benefits of Corn?

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The health benefits of corn are numerous, yet largely overlooked. Corn is considered to be a complex carbohydrate which is high in fiber, making it an important part of a healthy diet. There are high concentrations of several nutrients in this grain, adding even more to the health benefits of corn. Some of the nutrients found in this grain include thiamine, Vitamin C, manganese, and phosphorous. Adding corn to the diet may help to improve energy levels and memory while promoting cardiovascular and respiratory health.

Increased energy production is one of the most desirable health benefits of corn. This energy production is due to the combination of thiamine and pantothenic acid which is naturally present in corn. The pantothenic acid helps the body to produce energy even during times of stress, making this grain a popular choice for those who lead a fast-paced or stressful lifestyle.

Corn is an excellent source of thiamine, a nutrient which is essential for proper brain function. In fact, just one cup of corn contains almost a quarter of the recommended daily allowance of this important nutrient. For this reason, the benefits of corn include the preservation and support of memory. Studies have indicated that a healthy diet which includes foods high in thiamine may help to delay symptoms of senility and Alzheimer's disease in some people.


Cardiovascular support is among the various health benefits of corn. This grain is high in folate, a type of B-vitamin which helps to prevent birth defects and supports cardiovascular health. A diet high in folate may significantly reduce a person's risk of developing heart disease and other related cardiovascular disorders.

Support for respiratory health is one of the benefits of corn. A nutrient known as beta-cryptoxanthin is found in this grain and is beneficial is supporting and promoting overall lung health. According to some scientific studies, adding foods containing this nutrient to the diet may help to lower the risks of developing lung cancer, even in those who smoke.

Preventing or controlling certain gastrointestinal disorders is among the most well-known health benefits of corn. The type of fiber found in this grain is known as insoluble fiber, meaning that it helps the body to absorb water, thereby promoting healthy bowel habits. Conditions such as constipation or the development of hemorrhoids may be prevented in many cases by adding fiber-rich foods such as corn to the diet.


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Post 3

I was surprised to read that corn contains vitamin C. I always drink juice to get the Vitamin C that I need in my diet. However, I do know that eating corn can help lower the bad cholesterol in a person's body. With so many people taking medication for high cholesterol, you would think more people would be eating corn for this reason alone.

Post 2

For me, gaining weight and keeping it on is a chronic problem. When I played youth football as a kid I was one of the smallest players on the field. My mother was afraid I was going to get broken in half playing against the larger players.

By the time I was a senior in high school I was lifting weights regularly and eating as much food as possible trying to put on weight, but I still was not as large as most of my teammates on the football team.

A couple years ago, I learned that corn is actually a good food for people who have trouble keeping their weight up. Corn is a high calorie food and unlike many of the other high calorie foods we eat, corn is actually good for us.

Post 1

Before reading this article I hadn't thought about this, but it is true that you don't hear much about the health benefits of corn compared to other vegetables and grains. My sister started getting upset stomachs a few months back. And now she is having problems with her digestion.

One of her friends told her to eat more corn because it is supposed to be good for the digestive system. Her friend has Irritable Bowel Syndrome and she says since she has been eating more corn she feels better and has fewer problems with diarrhea.

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