What Are the Functions of the Left Brain?

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The human brain is divided into two hemispheres — the left brain hemisphere and the right brain hemisphere — with each one controlling different modes of thinking. While the right side controls intuition and feelings, the left side of the brain is responsible for logical thinking. It is where the ability to analyze concepts, ideas, and facts often comes from. Through the left brain, individuals learn to communicate, do math problems, remember details and events, and formulate strategies. Another one of its functions is acting as a storage place for names, and all the information gleaned from daily life.

As the area responsible for logical thinking, the left side of the brain allows individuals to know the consequences of each action, no matter how big or small. It gives people the capability to understand how things work and the things needed to make those things work, thus giving them the ability to conduct scientific experiments. Anything that deals with logic and common sense is all processed in the left brain. Essentially, this side of the brain is all about details and the information on what to do with those details.

Considered the center for communication, the left side of the brain is generally where knowledge of speech is derived. It is where words are put together and arranged in different combinations to form language, which is then communicated to the mouth for speaking, and to the hands for writing. Formulating solutions to mathematical equations is also being processed in this side of the brain, thus making it act as a built-in calculator inside the brain. With these functions in science and math, it is often deemed as the center of all human knowledge.

Remembering details about things, events, and other people is another function of the left brain. These little details and facts are often used when individuals come up with ideas or establish truths. These facts give them the knowledge to create patterns and solutions for problems that arise on different occasions.

The left side of the brain is also considered the database of names for people, objects, animals, events, and concepts. It usually associates these things with certain words and terms already stored in its memory. Through this side of the brain, individuals have the ability to identify the things around them, making them capable of understanding and learning new things. Strategic planning also originates from the left brain, allowing individuals to perform simple things. These range from planning what to do after waking up to making bigger plans like achieving goals within the next few months.

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