What Are the Features of an Oblong Face Shape?

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No two faces are alike, and as a result even people with an oblong face shape can have different features. There are some common characteristics for people whose faces are longer than they are wide, however, which is generally considered to be a fairly desirable face shape. There are two types of oblong faces; these are rectangular, in which individuals will have a forehead or jawline that is more squared in appearance, or oval, in which the edges of the face are more gently rounded. An oval, oblong face shape is generally considered to be the most desirable face shape because it is very versatile with regards to hairstyles, glasses, etc.

In an oblong face shape, the face is long and narrow; sometimes the rule of thumb is that the face is one and a half times as long as it is wide. People with this face shape typically do not have rounded cheeks, but instead the sides of the face will look straight and narrow. Often, the chin and jawline is very narrow as well, and the chin is often pointed. Those with a more rectangular face may have a squarer jaw, but the jaw is rarely wider than the forehead; generally, they are the same width.

A person with this face shape might also have a fairly high forehead, but this also depends on the hairline. Some people with oblong face shapes do not have the high forehead. Those with oval faces are typically very well proportioned, with equal spacing between the eyes and other features. In an oval face, the forehead does not typically appear overly large. In general, an oblong face shape is a good shape to have, because it allows a lot of freedom in hairstyle choice. There are some important things to keep in mind, though.

While a person with this face shape can look good with short or long hair, it is generally a good idea to keep some shorter layers around the face. This is because long hair of all one length can draw an oblong face down and make it look even longer. The shorter layers will help the face to appear shorter as well. For people with more rectangular face shapes, adding some volume in the hair can draw the eyes away from the square forehead and jawline; soft curls and waves look particularly nice with this face shape.

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