What Are the Features of a Pear Face Shape?

Dee Jones

There are many face shapes, including round, heart, oval, square, and pear. The triangle, or pear, face shape can look imbalanced, or bottom heavy, because it naturally has more prominent features towards the bottom of the face than at the top. A pear face shape is characterized by a broad face, a narrow forehead, and a square jaw line that is wider than the temple line. Looking in a mirror, and individual with a pear shaped face will find that her face tapers from her prominent jaw line to her more narrow temple line.

Beauty professionals recommend different cosmetics depending on an individual's face shape.
Beauty professionals recommend different cosmetics depending on an individual's face shape.

Different hairstyles look better with some face shapes than with others, and determining the shape of her face will help and individual choose a flattering hairstyle. Someone with a pear face shape should choose a hair style that makes the forehead seem wider and the jaw line less prominent. A hairstyle that exposes the forehead will draw attention towards the top of the face, up and away from the jaw line. Tucking the hair behind the ears will make the cheekbones look longer and slimmer. Those with pear shaped faces should avoid having long hairstyles that go past the neckline, as hairstyles that are too long will accentuate the jaw line, making it seem even more prominent.

The right makeup can enhance an individual’s best features, while making other features less prominent or noticeable. An individual with a pear face shape should choose makeup that balances her face by adding width to the temples and drawing attention away from the jaw line. Choose two shades of foundation, one just a shade or two lighter than the other. Apply the darker foundation to the jaw line, chin, and upper forehead to make those areas less prominent. Placing the lighter foundations on the cheekbones, under the eyes, around the nose, and across the temples will make those features stand out more.

There are other things an individual with a pear face shape can do to make her face appear more balanced. Wearing glasses with some type of eye-catching design detail at the top of the frame will draw attention up to the top of the face. Eyeglass frames should also be a bit wider than the temples, which will help make the forehead look wider. Earrings should be longer than they are wide; earrings that are wider than they are long will make the face look wider. Hats are a good accessory for those with a pear face shape, especially hats that add width to the forehead.

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