What Are the Effects of High Testosterone?

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Although most people have fairly well balanced levels of the hormone testosterone, occasionally some have an overabundance. Those with high testosterone levels can experience changes in both physical attributes and behavioral patterns. Physical effects include increased facial hair, a deepened voice, acne and baldness in men. Behavioral changes associated with elevated testosterone include aggressiveness, irritability, an increase in sex drive, and compulsive behavior.

An increase in facial hair and a deepened voice are common effects of high testosterone for both men and women. Excess levels of the hormone essentially emphasize masculine characteristics and diminish feminine ones. Although both genders experience similar effects, the signs are usually more visible in women. This is because the masculine attributes of testosterone contrast more sharply with the feminine appearance of most women.

Acne and male pattern baldness are other physical effects of high testosterone that men sometimes experience. High levels of testosterone can overstimulate the oil glands. This overproduction of oil eventually causes the pores to become clogged, which brings about acne.

Male pattern baldness is also sometimes caused by excessive levels of testosterone. This is because the hormone that causes baldness is a form of testosterone called dihydro-testosterone. It's basically what causes the hair follicles to thin and eventually fall out over time. The higher the level of testosterone, the better a man's chances are that he will lose his hair.


Aggressiveness and irritability are two behavioral changes that can result from elevated testosterone. Men in particular are more likely to become involved in arguments or conflicts when the hormone is produced in excess. This type of behavior usually leads to problems and can sometimes even lead to violent crimes being committed.

Increased sex drive is an additional effect that can happen to both men and women. This often leads to promiscuous sexual behavior that may bring about a certain degree of harm. Some examples include unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. People with high testosterone are also more likely to cheat on a lover or spouse.

Overall compulsive behavior is often another result of high testosterone. The individual often experiences mood swings and his mind may also become clouded. His ability to think rationally is diminished and impulses are more likely to be carried out without contemplation. Many negative side effects can occur and often unnecessary risks are taken as a result.


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Symptoms of high testosterone in women include a hairy face and chest, deep voice, increased muscle mass and even male pattern baldness.

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